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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick “Fire & Ice” | Review

Hello friends!

One thing I love about really popular, classic brands like Revlon is that they’ve been around long enough to establish cult products. One such product, though less popular than another red of theirs, is Fire & Ice!

I was fortunate enough to find this color on clearance, and knew I needed to snatch it up right away!

Color: Fire & Ice is a warm red that leans a bit coral – there is a strong orange-pink undertone to it.

Finish: This lipstick is a cream finish. I’d say it would lean a bit more towards matte than lustrous like a gloss, but it’s not quite satin. Interestingly, it’s also relatively sheer.

Packaging: The packaging looks incredibly classic. The tube is a glossy black, with a clear window on the top of the cap so you can see the lipstick color when looking down at it. When you pull the lid off it’s a shiny gold with Revlon printed on it.

Applicator: This is a standard cut bullet; there’s nothing special or unique about the shape.

Application: I found application on this lipstick to be as easy as any other traditional bullet lipstick. The point is just sharp enough that you can get a crisp line relatively easily, though I imagine that the more you wear it down the harder it will be to get that even line.

One thing that I struggled with was needing to build up opacity on this particular color. I would typically swipe about three times to get the opacity level I wanted. While it would look opaque from normal talking distance, when looking up close you could definitely see the darkness of my lips poking through still.

Transfer: Unsurprisingly, after initial application there was a bit of transfer, though not nearly as much as you might expect. If you chose to blot off the top layer of product, I believe you could minimize transfer even more.

When starting my day with coffee, there was a distinct spot where I had drank from the cup, but once that first layer was gone there was definitely less transfer. Drinking from a straw typically left little to no marks, and while eating lunch I didn’t have to worry too much about lipstick moving to my chin.

Fading: This is one of the most gracefully fading lipsticks I have ever had the pleasure of wearing thus far. There was definitely some fading, but even when I ate an incredibly messy meal where the inner portion of the lipstick went missing, it still looked almost stained – there was no distinct line where the product was gone.

If I ate a typical meal that wasn’t super messy and just drank coffee and water throughout the day, I would have almost no fading at all – the lipstick would look more matte than it did upon initial application but the actual color would remain even across the entirety of my lips. Typically I would have it on for roughly 8 hours.

Comfort: This lipstick remained comfortable throughout the full duration of wearing it. It’s the kind of lipstick that I could easily put on and forget I was wearing – not ideal with it being such a bold color, but always a treat in terms of feeling great!

Overall: If you’re looking for a good red lipstick, I would highly recommend this one! The color is gorgeous and you really cannot beat the comfort and wear of it. I’m seriously amazed at how Revlon was able to formulate this lipstick to perform as well as it does!

Price Point: If you’re interested in purchasing this color, I’d recommend going to a drugstore like Walmart or Target! Oddly, I couldn’t find this specific shade on Target.com, so there’s a chance that Target doesn’t carry it anymore. You can order it from Ulta for $8.49, and the Revlon website for $8.99. I’d recommend purchasing from Walmart if there’s no sale, as it’s only $4.97 there!

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