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Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick “Sapphire Siren” | Review

Hello friends!

I actually picked this lipstick up on a whim a while back!  I’d been wanting to try a navy lipstick and see what I had thought of it, and I figured instead of spending a lot of money on something at Sephora, I could try a drugstore version to give it a look & see if I like blue on me.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick "Sapphire Siren" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Color: Sapphire Siren matches it’s namesake – it’s a navy blue.  Sometimes purples and blues have undertones that make your teeth look yellow, and this is one of them unfortunately.

Finish: The finish appears to be a satin – it’s not quite matte, but I wouldn’t say it’s shiny enough to be a cream, either.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick "Sapphire Siren" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Packaging: I really enjoy the packaging!  It’s a traditional Maybelline lipstick packaging that matches the color of the lipstick, which is a beautiful navy!  The lid snaps on securely to the lipstick tube, so I wouldn’t worry about it coming undone in your purse.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick "Sapphire Siren" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Application: I found applying this to be somewhat difficult.  You have to swipe a few times back and forth to get opaque pigmentation, which means that you have a lot more chance to go outside of the lip lines. What I found was that it’s incredibly hard to get a smooth line in the first place, as with this sort of bold shade you have to go over your lip lines or you’ll have a ring on the outside of your lipstick where your natural lip shows through.

I think a lip liner would help immensely with application and getting a clean line, but navy isn’t a common color, plus if you wanted to get this just to try, that’s extra money you have to spend.  You can tell that the edge of my lips aren’t very smooth looking on the top lip and would have benefited from one.

Additionally, this didn’t seem to stick on the inner rim of my lip, meaning if I moved my lips a certain way you could see the bright pink of my mouth, which looks pretty strange!

One final thing to note is that there is a strong vanilla scent, but the scent does dissipate when applying and after application.

Transfer: Surprisingly, I found that the transfer wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be.  It seems to wear better than a standard cream lipstick, but not as good as a matte lipstick.  I did notice that the lipstick didn’t seem to come off much on the rim on my water bottle, but did come off on my spoon while eating.  While trying to clean up my mouth I did have a problem with the lipstick in the corners of my lips coming off much easier than the center of my lips.

Fading: Obviously navy blue is a very bold color, so any fading at all will be quite noticeable.  After eating some pizza, I didn’t have as much fading as I had expected, but unfortunately there was still some.  I noticed that the inner rim of my lip became completely exposed, so I had blue lips and a dark pink line on the innermost part of my lips which was visible.

After a few hours of fading, the corners of my mouth did start to look pretty strange – the color wasn’t quite opaque, but my natural lip color wasn’t quite peeking through either.  It ended up looking like it was breaking apart, and I could see the product balling up outside of my lips.  Additionally, the color was coming out of my lip lines which further added to the appearance of breaking apart.

Comfort: After wearing this for a few hours, I found that this didn’t feel either dry or hydrating – it just felt like something on my lips.  Just like with other lipsticks, after eating and wearing some of the initial layers of color down, it did feel a little more drying.  While it does emphasize my lip lines, it doesn’t feel like you would assume – it looks drier than it feels.

When I pushed my lips together, I could feel the slightest bit of tackiness which contributes to the comfort of the lipstick; it wasn’t noticeable at all in normal circumstances.

Overall: I think that this definitely works if you’re just looking to see what navy lipstick looks like or need it for a Halloween costume, but I just don’t think it’s good enough quality to wear as an every day color if you’re looking for that.  If you want to be constantly reapplying or touching up, you may like this as a starter product, but I would highly recommend a better quality navy if it’s a color you intend to wear regularly!

Price Point: At Target, this lipstick costs $5.49, which is the standard price of a Maybelline lipstick.  I’d also say it’s relatively cheap for drugstore lip products that you can find!  I’ve been able to find coupons or products will go on sale, so you can get it for cheaper.

From what I can tell, you can find this at Target, Walmart, and other drugstores that sell Maybelline products.  I personally picked mine up at Target!

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