Where Are They Now? | Makeup I Reviewed Between January and March 2019

Hello friends!

One thing I’ve noticed in the beauty community is that oftentimes we will talk about something once, share our thoughts, and then never return to it again.  I would have done the exact same thing too had I not heard someone bring up this awesome idea!

Today, I wanted to share where the makeup products I reviewed between January and March have gone. That means if they stayed in my collection, moved elsewhere, or were rehomed.

Where Are They Now? | Makeup I Reviewed Between January and March 2019 - A Midwest Belle


Colourpop Velvet Blur Lipstick Lucky Strike – I got this lipstick in a Colourpop mystery bag and was so excited!  I enjoy this formula; it’s comfortable, plus one of the few pink colors I actually really like on me.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe Mystical – I thought this color was so unique and the formula worked well with it!  I want to keep it around and see what pairings I can come up with.  I’ve also noticed that after wearing this color a few times there’s been some visible usage as well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Ashton – Between the color and the formula, I really loved the way this looked and wore! It’s definitely something I’ll keep reaching for.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Mull It Over – I went back and forth on if I wanted to keep this or not, but in the end I decided I do want to keep this in my collection.  My initial review and thoughts were pretty average, but the more I wore it and compared it to the Colourpop formula, the more I realized I do enjoy it!


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Obsession – If you read this review you know that I love the color but hated the formula. This ended up getting thrown away as part of my 30 Days of Decluttering for April.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Devotion – Same as the color above, I loved the shade and hated the formula.  This also got thrown.

NYX Lip Lingerie Satin Ribbon – So, when I did the review of this product I actually had good things to say about it!  I still stand by those good things, but the more I looked at this particular shade the more I realized that it’s just not right for me; I will never reach for this pale of a color over my darker nudes.  I still have this product, it was just pulled out of my actual collection and stored away for duping purposes.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick Brocade – Another item where I liked the color but the formula didn’t do anything for it; I just know that I’ll never wear it over my other lipsticks.  I gave it to my mom, and she ended up really enjoying it!

I didn’t start doing full dedicated reviews for single products until the end of January, so the amount of products in this list is smaller than any other list will end up being.  I can’t wait to let you all know how my collection is looking in the future!

If my current keep collection changes at all, I’ll let you all know in my next quarter update!

Where Are They Now? Makeup I Reviewed Between January and March 2019 - A Midwest Belle

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