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Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color “Milky Way” | Review

Hello friends!

Another old lip product that I dug out of my stash to review is this one! I’m sure I got this through one of the many Sephora lip kits I purchased back in the day, so it’s nice to finally be knocking some of these old product reviews out.

Color: Milky Way is a super interesting color! On my hand the swatch looks like a light peach, but on my lips it has a very strong grey undertone and looks much more cool toned. I was surprised with how different it actually looked! It’s just slightly warm enough to not make me look totally dead.

Finish: This lipstick has a cream finish; it’s not super shiny like a gloss, but has more shine than a satin.

Packaging: While this is a mini, I believe the packaging with the full size was the same. It’s a shiny black plastic, with a sharp rectangular shape. The brand name is printed on the cap in black as well, and the bottom has a sticker with information.

Applicator: The shape of the bullet is in the standard tear drop shape at the top that becomes a round bullet as you wear the tip down.

Application: I found application of this lipstick to be pretty standard! With the color being so different from my lips, I was careful to make sure I got the edges so I didn’t have a dark pink lip “liner” look, but otherwise I just put it on as normal and went about my day.

Transfer: Despite this being a standard cream bullet lipstick, I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a ton of transfer. The appearance remained creamy throughout wear, and I didn’t see significant color on any straws, food, etc.

Fading: With a color like this on me, fading is incredibly easy to notice. That’s why I was shocked to find that after 8+ hours of wear with eating and drinking and talking, this lipstick still looked great! Any fading ended up looking natural and was on the inner portion of my lips.

Comfort: The one part of this lipstick I wasn’t wild about was how it felt on my lips as the day went on. I found that it was relatively comfortable at the start, but about 3 or 4 hours in I could start to feel it dry my lips out a bit and become heavy. It never got to the point where I had to take it off, but as someone who comfortably wears liquid lipsticks, I do notice when things feel weird. I will concede that this lipstick is old and part of the drying is just that the formula isn’t quite what it used to be.

Overall: I was really pleasantly surprised with this lipstick! I never go into reviews thinking I won’t like something, but I do try to keep my expectations neutral so I’m not disappointed. I love the unique color that this offers, especially because it’s opaque enough to actually give me pale lips without my natural lips peeking through and looking weird. I wasn’t completely sure on it at first, but after seeing myself in natural light and receiving a compliment from my mom on it (the highest of praise), I knew I had to keep it. It lasted forever and looked great! The only downside was the comfort, which I can look past for everything else.

Price Point: Unfortunately, this is another lipstick that is no longer available for purchase. You can technically get it from 3rd party sellers in a few different places, but I don’t trust that personally. I also couldn’t find the retail price of this lipstick, but based on how much Laura Mercier lip products are going for right now, I imagine it was pricy!


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