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BH Cosmetics X Doja Cat Cloud Coat Liquid Lip Powder “Nude” | Review

Hello friends!

I’m pulling my lipsticks to review from a specific organizer, which I thought had some of my very old lip products on it and that was it. I was surprised to see this lipstick when I grabbed it! It was a purchase from around the middle of 2022, so very recent compared to other products. I found this while on one of my many trips to TJMaxx, and obviously got excited because it was a unique formula in a nude color.

Color: With a shade name like “nude”, you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that this is a neutral color. It’s a light brown with warm, peachy undertones that inevitably looks orange when applied to my lips. Still a lovely shade!

Finish: So I was curious to see what BH meant when they said liquid lip powder for their formula, and I can confidently say I understand now! The finish is a very soft matte; instead of the dry look of a standard liquid lipstick, this has a more blurred but still matte look that was incredibly popular a few years ago.

Packaging: I think the packaging of this particular product is really unique! It’s has a cylindrical shape with a rounded bottom. The product name is printed in hot pink, as well as the brand (though a bit hidden), and the rest of the product information including shade name is on the other side.

Applicator: The applicator is in a fun little chair shape, with a pointed tip that moves down into the “seat”, which is just a spot that holds product and hugs your lips as you apply.

Application: I found application of this product to be just a bit finicky, but not too terrible. The formula is a mousse instead of a standard liquid, meaning that it was actually harder for me to spread than regular liquid lipsticks. I would have to swipe back and forth a few times on the bottom of my lip in order to get the product to distribute evenly, and I did notice that no matter what I always had some chunks of product on the edges of my lips (you can even see them in the swatch). I don’t know if this is because the product is really old, but I didn’t think it was? Either way, it is frustrating to have to work the product back and forth, and then go in and try to get rid of the clumps of product after.

Transfer: I am happy to report that there’s very little transfer with this product! You obviously have the initial transfer of excess product, but even then it didn’t feel like as much as with other products. It might be because the mousse formula dries down even with a thicker layer applied compared to the more liquid formulas if I had to guess, but it’s much appreciated! After that, I never really noticed color coming off on food or silverware. I did get a little color transfer onto my chin when eating a sandwich, but it was easily removed.

Fading: This lipstick does not budge! I’ve been lazy about taking my lipstick off lately, and this stuck around for literal days, even after eating multiple meals, drinking, and talking. In the first day, I noticed that it would wear off in the inner portion of the lips, but it looked very natural due to the color. This is definitely a lipstick I’d trust for a full day of wear (and clearly beyond, though I don’t actually recommend that).

Comfort: I have personally found that almost all lip products that have the soft, silicone feel or are called “liquid powders” tend to feel drying on my lips. I don’t know if this is because the ingredients to give it that feel just don’t have the same amount of moisture or if it’s something else. Either way, I found this to be more drying than other regular liquid lipsticks and actually less comfortable versus more like many whipped formulas claim to be.

Overall: While I didn’t hate this lipstick, it definitely didn’t become a new favorite of mine. The color is pretty, but I have been trying so many different brown/peach/pink shades that this just doesn’t stand out the same way it would have before. The formula, while long lasting, just isn’t comfortable enough to keep me wanting to reach for it. I think someone else with a smaller collection could really love this, but it’s just not going to stay mine!

Price Point: The only place I could actually find this particular liquid lipstick is on Beauty Bay – it doesn’t seem to be available on any of the main makeup shops or the BH Cosmetics Website. It looks like it’s retailing new for $12, but I imagine that because I could find this in TJMaxx, you should be able to, too!

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