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Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick “Caramello” | Review

Hello friends!

I know, there’s a lot of shocking things happening right now! First – a new review, two weeks in a row?! Second – a product that’s actually still available for purchase??! I know, wild times, but I am feeling quite the rush of motivation to keep working through my makeup collection and sharing my thoughts with you all!

Color: Caramello is described on the Stila website as a “neutral nude”. This seems somewhat accurate, but looking at it on myself I actually consider it a cool-toned peach. It looks pretty grey on me, but still has an almost peachy color to it. It’s so hard to explain, but spoiler alert: I love it!

Finish: If you guessed that the finish of this product is matte, you’d be correct! It goes on shiny but dries down in about a minute to its flat matte finish.

Packaging: The packaging of this liquid lipstick is a traditional acrylic tube, but with a satin gold cap. The Stila logo is printed on the tube along with other product information, and the bottom has a sticker with the color name.

Applicator: The doefoot for this product looks pretty standard, but is a bit longer than a normal paddle and doesn’t have any flair.

Application: I find application to be very easy for this product; it’s a one swipe and done. I do sometimes have an issue with the doefoot holding too much product, so I have to press my lips together and smush them a little to help distribute it. I definitely do not have to go in for a second dip.

I was very pleasantly surprised that despite this color being lighter than my lips, it was completely opaque in one swipe and there was no building needed, nor did my natural lips peek through at all. There is a vanilla scent with this product that dissipates very quickly.

The swatch on my hand actually makes this look darker than it is – applied, it was a few shades lighter than my natural lip color.

Transfer: Like many other liquid lipsticks, there wasn’t a lot of transfer that I noticed when wearing this. Even on an incredibly hot day where I was sweating a lot, I felt like the only transfer was the very edges of my lips where the sweat was literally melting the makeup off. Otherwise, I had virtually no transfer unless I was eating a very oily meal, like my salad with an oil-based dressing. All I ended up doing was dabbing my lips with a paper towel to get the excess product off and then I was good to go again.

Fading: I was very pleased with the limited fading that the product ended up having. After eating my oily salad, I checked the status of my lips and while it definitely came off, it still looked pretty good. I was comfortable with leaving it as is and going about my day because the gradient between naked lip and product was so subtle.

I will say, between the color and this being a liquid lipstick, the natural lines in my lips did seem to be emphasized. This is not something that bothers me, but if it bothers you I’d recommend hydrating beforehand to reduce the amount of lines it can sink in to!

Comfort: Despite this being a liquid lipstick and them being notorious for being uncomfortable, I really loved the way this felt on my lips. It went on feeling completely weightless and stayed that way throughout the entire wear – literal HOURS, as in I fell asleep in this and woke up the next morning with it still on and my lips felt fine. I forgot that I was wearing this multiple times, which is awesome considering a lot of the liquid lipsticks that feel comfortable also feel a bit heavy to me.

Overall: I cannot believe that it took me this long to try this formula, because I can confidently say it’s one of my favorites to date. Between the color being so unique and the formula being so comfortable and dependable, I will absolutely be reaching for this more often now that I know what a gem I have here! I will also be searching for more colors to add to my collection (not that I need anymore lipsticks…).

Price Point: The Stila liquid lipsticks are $22 full price and can be purchased at Ulta or directly from the Stila website. I also believe that it’s pretty typical to find these at Marshall’s/TJMaxx as well – that’s probably where I got this particular shade! I know that Stila also has a lot of mini lip kits, so if you’re interested in trying them at a cheaper price point, I’d suggest looking for one of those.

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