Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick “Queen B” | Review

Hello friends!

I’m back today with another liquid lipstick review! Would you be surprised to know that when I was in my wild buy-everything phase it was during the height of liquid lip popularity? You would not believe the amount of liquid lipsticks I still have left to share with you all.

A little caveat for this review, I believe this particular lipstick is starting to go off and the formula is changing. I don’t think that it’s going to change the review too dramatically, but it’s important to point out that my experience with this lipstick and formula may not be the norm.

Color: Queen B is a cool toned pink, and when dried down it has an almost purple-grey look to it. While I do enjoy cool toned lipsticks, pinks are not up there for my favorite shades.

Finish: This liquid lipstick formula is one that, unsurprisingly, dries down to a completely matte finish.

Packaging: The packaging on this lipstick is definitely unique compared to most liquid lipsticks! It’s an acrylic tube, but starts in a cylinder shape and then changes into a rectangle at the bottom. The cap is a satin gold color, and the printing of the product name/information is a metallic gold. Even the wand is acrylic!

Applicator: The applicator for this liquid lipstick is a standard doefoot; nothing special to report here!

Application: The formula of this particular lipstick is kind of moussey, so I found it was really important to get a small amount of product on the wand at a time, otherwise the layer was incredibly thick and wore off in chunks. It was easy to apply not enough, but the product stayed “wet” long enough that I could dip into the tube a second time and add more without any concerns of the layers drying unevenly with each other and cracking.

Transfer: As mentioned in the application portion, if I applied too thick of a layer on accident I found that the lipsticks lasting power was even more limited than it is normally, and it came off in balls of product. It seems like it just didn’t have the ability to dry fully, and so all the product pilled up on itself and came off. When the layer was thin, this was much less of an issue and it transferred like any other liquid lipstick. I did notice, however, that even when not eating, drinking, or sweating, that when I kissed the back of my hand I would have color coming off every time.

Fading: While the fading from this product wasn’t as bad as a traditional cream lipstick, I felt like it came off faster than a standard liquid lipstick and especially for one that dried down as matte as this did. The color would fade from the inner part of the lip pretty quickly and leave just a ring on the outside without any sort of even fade like a lot of other liquid lipsticks do.

Comfort: I was a little surprised by the fact that immediately after putting this lipstick on, I was ready to take it off. Normally I don’t feel any sort of discomfort with liquid lipsticks until far into the wear (at least 5 hours), but as soon as it dried down it felt kind of heavy, despite putting on an incredibly thin layer the last time I tried it. This one even got extra testing because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t user error in putting on a thick layer.

Overall: Between the formula transferring more than I want, feeling slightly uncomfortable, and the color not being my favorite, I’ll be letting this particular lipstick go. I’ve had good experiences with other colors in the past (see this review!), so I’m confident this is just a one-off review with it not clicking.

Price Point: Surprisingly, there’s a few different price points based on where you’re shopping. On the Too Faced and Sephora website, the lipsticks are $22; notably, these websites also frequently have sales that will put this formula at up to 50% off. While you can find this formula on those sites, it seems like Queen B is a discontinued shade and can no longer be purchased. That said, the Ulta website does still have Queen B available, but the price for it is $26.

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