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Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Ultra Glossy Lip “Moon Child” | Review

Hello friends!

During the height of my need to own everything Colourpop, I got myself the KathleenLights lip bundle along with lots of others – well, I’m finally getting around to sharing what I think about it!

I also want to start this review off with a note that this gloss is very old  – probably close to 2 years.  This means that my experience with this formula may not be the norm.  I recommend checking your own glosses for any signs of being expired prior to using!

Color: Moon Child is a peach with gold flecks.  The formula of the gloss is pretty thick and opaque, but it can be sheered out – you can see how that looks in the swatches below!  It is a bit pale for my usual preference when fully opaque, so I prefer the look of it sheered.

Finish: With this being a gloss, of course the finish is quite shiny!  Due to the formula itself being thick, I’d say it looks more creamy than glossy, with some shine coming from the flecks of glitter throughout.

Packaging: The packaging is super pretty, as it normally is with Colourpop’s collaborations!  The tube is the typical acrylic, with the lid being a light rose gold.  The wording on the tube as well as the pattern, which looks a bit like half suns, is also in a bronzey rose gold color.

Applicator: Colourpop doefoots are always a hit or miss for me. I find that they’re either a perfectly normal doefoot like most, or it looks like this one – a bit frayed and messy.  I’m not sure if that’s because of the texture of the gloss or what, but it does make getting a perfect application a bit difficult.

I’d also like to point out that it seems that some of the Colourpop glosses come with a brush applicator, and some come with a doefoot. I don’t know if there’s a reason why it’s different between colors – if you do, please share!

Application: Since my doefoot is a bit frayed, getting a perfectly straight line on the edge of my lips was difficult to get.  Fortunately, the color of this gloss is very forgiving for going outside of lip lines, plus because I prefer a less opaque look, I opted to lightly swipe it across both lips and rub them together to disperse product.

Transfer: As with all glosses in my experience, I had a lot of transfer until it was gone.  The majority of the color came off within an hour, but I did notice that I had lots of glitter flecks coming off throughout the day as well.

Fading: Unsurprisingly, the gloss fades very quickly – the color seemed to be mostly gone by about an hour after application.  One thing to note is that as it fades, the actual color disappears quickly but the glitter sticks around for a while.  That means that you’ll be rocking some glitter lips unless you reapply.

Comfort: In a disappointing turn of events, I believe that this gloss is actually not good anymore and has expired.  As I was trying it, I found that while the gloss went on fine, as it wore off my lips felt more and more dry.  It wasn’t quite as bad as an eight hour liquid lipstick, but it certainly wasn’t the hydrating feeling that I normally expect.  I can’t recall if the formula regularly feels this way for me, but due to the age of it and the nature of lip glosses, I’d take my experience with a grain of salt.

Overall: Unfortunately, this gloss is a miss for me.  With the color not being a go-to for me, and the drying quality of it due to possibly being expired, I’ll be passing on using it anymore.  I’m a bit curious to see if this is something that happens with all of my Colourpop glosses – it has been a while since I’ve purchased them.

Price Point: The bundles are normally $18, which equals out to roughly $6 per lipstick.  Unfortunately, it looks like this collaboration is no longer available to purchase anywhere!  It may come back some time in the future; however it’s more likely that this review is only helpful if you have your own at home but haven’t given it a try yet.

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