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Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick “Oh My Ry Ry” | Review

Hello friends!

I’m back with another review on the Madison Miller collaboration with Ofra!  Today we’ll be looking at the liquid lipstick she came out with.  Once again, Ipsy came in clutch with this collection so I was able to purchase this sample through their add-on program.

Color: The Ofra website lists this color as a “neutral mauve-pink”.  This is a very accurate descriptor – this pink shade definitely has a purple undertone to it, but not so much that I’d consider it colorful. However, I do not consider this a nude on me, as the color overall is quite pink.

Finish: With this being a matte liquid lipstick, it does dry down to a mostly-matte finish. Ofra liquid lipsticks tend to stay just a touch shiny, as they don’t fully dry down for comfort’s sake.  That said, there’s not so much of a sheen that it’s noticeable, so it will still look like a matte lipstick on the lips.


Packaging: The packaging for my lipstick is actually the sample packaging – Ofra’s full size products come in square tubes.  However, the tube between both is still acrylic with the matte white cap.  The printing on the label looks to be the same as well, but all in one area (as pictured) instead of on different sides like it would be with the square tube.

I don’t know if it’s because my lipstick is relatively old or the sample packaging, but I did have an issue with a piece in the cap coming loose and sticking to the stopper.  I can put the wand back into the tube and it will return to the cap instead of continuing to stick, but just something to note.


Applicator: The applicator is a standard doefoot that works well with most liquid lipstick formulas, and this one is no exception.  The doefoot is also pretty smooth, so no spots where it’s fluffy and makes it difficult to get a clean application.

Application: With the formula being slightly moussey, there were times where a little too much product came out on the wand and I had to scrape it against the stopper to remove the excess.  Actually applying the product was incredibly easy; the shape of the doefoot makes it easy to get nice lines and an even application.


Transfer: With Ofra’s formula not fully drying down to remain more comfortable, there is a bit of transfer.  In the first 5 minutes, you will have the excess product transferring off, but after that there’s not a ton of movement.  The transfer becomes more apparent after a few hours of wear, when the formula begins to break down.  

Fading: With this being a pink lipstick, fading was more obvious than with a traditional nude. I didn’t feel that it was especially noticeable, but I would suggest a touchup after a messy meal to keep from having a ring of bare lip after.  If you’re not eating messy meals or only wearing for a short period of time, I don’t think you’ll find any issues with the color fading away, as it does last pretty well.  Fading becomes more apparent after around 6 hours of wear.

Comfort: In the first four hours of wear, I found that this lipstick remained quite comfortable.  I couldn’t feel it on my lips and would sometimes forget that I was even wearing a lip color.

Unfortunately I think my lipstick has gotten a bit old, as the formula didn’t remain as comfortable as it used to be.  This could also be because I didn’t make sure my lips were nice and hydrated before applying, but after about 5-6 hours of wearing, I wanted to take it off as my lips were starting to dry out in the center.  It was removed after 8-9 hours of wear.

Overall: With the formula getting a bit old and the color not being my favorite (I’m not a fan of pinks), this lipstick will be leaving my collection. However, if you really want a liquid lipstick in this shade and this formula, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!  Ofra is historically a very popular brand for liquid lipsticks due to their ability to wear and remain comfortable.

Price Point: Ofra lipsticks are $20 for the full price, but there’s almost always a sale or influencer coupon code you can use to reduce the cost on the Ofra website.  It also happens to be the only place that you can get this specific color.  

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