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Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick “Twenty” | Review

Hello friends!

A few years ago, Kylie cosmetics was all the rage when they launched their first product, the matte liquid lipstick.  While it’s still quite popular, I’d say that the hype has died down a bit.  I never purchased anything from the Kylie website, but as soon as they came to Ulta I knew I’d wanted to try at least one of their products.  

While I did purchase the full lip kit (liquid lipstick and lip liner), this review will only be for the liquid lipstick.  If I do choose to review the liner at a later date, it will be linked here!

Color: The Ulta website defines this color as a “mid-tone rose brown”.  I’d say that’s a somewhat accurate description, however it’s not especially brown to me.  I’d call it more of a rose; it almost looks like a nude red-pink.  This is the shade of pink that I enjoy!

Finish: This lipstick dries down to a matte finish, as most liquid lipsticks with this type of formula do.

Packaging: The packaging is something I’d consider iconic.  It has Kylie’s signature on the front, along with black drips around the entirety of the top.  The tube is a basic acrylic with a black cap.

Applicator: The applicator is a basic doefoot, again standard for a lot of thin, matte liquid lipsticks.  It does look a bit fuzzy in the close up image, but I didn’t find that it affected application at all.

Application: I had a pretty good time applying this lipstick every time.  The formula is very thin, and there was enough product on the doefoot that only one dip was needed.  I had an easy time getting smooth, even application across both lips.  It was fully opaque in one layer.

One thing that’s very important to know is that the product has a strong fruity candy scent.  It does fade pretty quickly after applying, but if fragrance in your lip products bothers you, this might be something you want to smell in store first.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick “Twenty” | Review - A Midwest Belle

Transfer: The initial half hour there was minimal transfer of the excess product – after that, there was no transfer at all on my straw.  I didn’t see much product come off on my silverware when eating and again, minimal transfer when I ate things like sandwiches. 

Fading: As with many liquid lipsticks, it took quite some time for this lipstick to fade – close to the 8 hour mark.  I was especially impressed when I ate an incredibly greasy meal and didn’t have any color fading in the inner part of my lips.  Even as it did transfer throughout the day, I found that from a distance there was no noticeable change in appearance. It did sink into lip lines when looking close up.

Comfort: Unfortunately I didn’t find this lipstick especially comfortable. While it didn’t feel like it completely dried my lips out, if you have a problem with dry lips I’d recommend making sure they’re moisturized prior to using the lipstick.  After around 8 hours I felt like I’d wanted to remove it but did leave it on for around 10 hours. My lips did not end up looking any drier or cracked during or after.

Overall: I do really enjoy this liquid lipstick formula, but it doesn’t feel totally revolutionary. It reminds me of a lot of other thin, matte liquid lipsticks but with a little better lasting power.  With that being said, it’s really hard to actually say it’s worth spending full price on. I’d definitely say wait for a sale and pick it up then!  

If you really love Kylie Jenner and the aesthetics that this lipstick offers, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re just looking for a nice liquid lipstick I think you’ll be able to find cheaper formulas that are just as good.

Price Point: You can find this lipstick on the Ulta website or in stores, as well as the Kylie cosmetics website.  At Ulta, you can only buy the kit, and that’s $29 for both the liquid lipstick and the lip liner.  You can buy just the liquid lipstick on the Kylie website for $20.

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