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Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick “24Seven” | Review

Hello friends!

Once again, I have to thank Ipsy for the ability to buy brands that aren’t easily accessible (read: Sephora or Ulta) so that I can try them!  I’ve heard a lot of great things about Coloured Raine’s eyeshadows, but was interested in their liquid lipsticks this time.

Color: The Coloured Raine website defines 24Seven as a “deep rose pink with beige undertones”.  This is definitely an accurate description!  The color is quite pink – more pink than I was hoping, however, the undertones are very neutral.  It’s deeper than a lot of other pinks on the market as well.

Finish: This liquid lipstick dries down completely matte, like any other thin liquid formula.

Packaging: The packaging is a clear acrylic tube with a neon pink cap.  The entire tube has pink dots on it, and the Coloured Raine logo in the same pink shade. The dots almost look like paint splatter, but are a little too neat.  The effect is very cool and unique!

Applicator: The doefoot is an interesting shape – it’s a flat paddle.  It’s also much longer than a traditional doefoot, and holds a lot more product.  There’s no distinct shape to it, and I didn’t find that I had any difficulty getting straight lines as I would with a standard applicator.

Application: I found application of this to be slightly difficult due to the amount of product that the applicator holds.  If you have larger lips than me, this would probably be incredibly convenient!  Otherwise, you’ll want to remove some of the product prior to applying.  I personally struggled with having too much product on the edge of my lips, so I had to dab it off with a paper towel otherwise it would look a bit cakey.

There is no discernible scent.

Transfer: There was a surprising amount of transfer despite the lipstick drying down.  Within an hour, I noticed a lot of flaking onto my coffee cup – I assume this was the excess product, the same as many other liquid lipsticks.  It was strange that it came off in flakes, however, instead of the usual lipstick “print”.  After around 8-9 hours of wear, it began transferring completely off and needed to be removed.

Fading: I was a bit surprised and disappointed to see that this lipstick started fading pretty quickly after just one meal. Usually there will be some breakdown but no noticeable changes.  Perhaps the meal I had with it was more greasy than usual. The fading wasn’t anything unmanageable; just more than I’d expected.

Despite the transfer and fading, I had a very difficult time getting the product that was left off of my lips. This shows me that if you have a long day without greasy food, you’ll probably have more success than I did.

Comfort: Unfortunately, like many other matte liquid lipsticks, this formula wasn’t an especially comfortable one.  It did feel a bit sticky on initial application and then lost that stickiness about 15 minutes later.  After around 9 hours, it started to get a little too uncomfortable for me and I wanted to take it off.

Overall: The formula wasn’t anything special to me unfortunately, and I am very picky about my pinks, so I’ll be passing this on to someone else.  If I found a color that really spoke to me, and was able to find it on sale, I’d pick another up for sure!  I don’t think this is a bad formula by any means; it’s just very average, and with as many lip products as I have I can’t keep average.

I’d like to point out that this is a Black-Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB), so if you’re looking to support more of them be sure to check the brand out!

Price Point: If you’re interested in purchasing this, it can be found on either the Coloured Raine website or at Target for $17!  I was able to find this particular product in the Ipsy add-on store, so if you subscribe to Ipsy you may see it come back that way.

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