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MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick “Mull It Over” | Review

Hello friends!

I feel like MAC is a brand that almost every makeup lover has heard of; it’s definitely got a reputation and has been around for a very long time!  I wanted to make it a point to start testing some of their cult classic products and see if they’re worth the price or not.

Unlike their classic lipsticks, this is a brand new formula called the Powder Kiss lipstick, which is a matte, powdery formula that gives you a smooth and blurred look on your lips.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick "Mull It Over" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Color: Mull it Over is a warm peachy nude that tends to pull very orange on me, unfortunately.  Sometimes warm pink nudes tend to look much less pretty pink and way more bright orange, which is not flattering in my opinion.

When this formula first launched, this color was the closest to a wearable nude for me.  They recently came out with new shades, some of which are much better for me in terms of an every day shade!

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick "Mull It Over" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Applicator: The bullet is a traditional shape that you can find with just about any other lipstick.  You can tell looking at the bullet that it has a powdery appearance to it as well. It has a very strong vanilla scent, and I could even taste it, so if you don’t like strong scents you might hate this.

Packaging: The packaging is the same shape as a normal MAC lipstick, but it has an amazing matte black color that looks a little powdery to match the formula.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick "Mull It Over" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Application: This formula has a very slippery feeling and glides across the lips easily. It builds incredibly easily, as that is one of the big selling points – that you can have a sheer wash all the way up to a fully opaque color, which is what the swatch above is.  However, it also means that because you have to swipe a few times to get full color & is easier to make a mistake and go outside of the lip lines.

Fading: Unfortunately, this had a very poor wear time and faded very quickly.  I found that after about four hours of wear, after only drinking coffee through a straw, the color had faded quite a bit and sank into my lip lines, which accentuated them instead of blurring like it’s supposed to.  The color also looked very patchy because of the pigment of my lips showing through as it wore off.  It seemed to grab onto the dry spots on my lips and so the color clumped there.

Transfer: I found that this transferred quite a bit as well, but that isn’t a surprise.  It is such a slippery formula that there isn’t much of a stick to it like a traditional matte lipstick and so came off like a cream finish would.  When drinking a coffee, a lot of the lipstick came off on the rim of the mug immediately, and I had to reapply right after to get the full color back.

Comfort: In terms of comfort, when the lipstick first goes on, it’s definitely very comfortable!  When I pushed my lips together is was incredibly smooth and soft feeling.  As it wore and sunk into my lip lines, however, it got much more stiff and dry feeling.  My lips began to look and feel dry and cracked and I just wanted to take it off, which is never a good sign.  I’d say after about 5 hours my lipstick was completely gone.

Overall: These lipsticks are $19 each, and I’m not really sure I can say it’s worth it unfortunately; at least not for this color.  The wear time, comfort, and color all make for an experience that I wasn’t incredibly happy with, and I’d rather spend that money on a different product because there are so many out there!  It’s definitely a unique formula that’s out on the market – there are very few that have the same feeling.

Colourpop did come out with a similar product that I also reviewed, and I will be sharing a comparison of the two formulas towards the end of the month, so stick around to see that! (Update: post is here!)

If you’re interested in trying this formula, you can find it on MAC’s website or Ulta!  While I personally think they’re not the best, if you’re really interested they could be quite fun to try!

Have you tried the powder kiss formula?

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