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Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick “Omi” | Review

Hello friends!

The fun thing about this lipstick is that I was curious to know when I bought it, so I went back and looked at all my old Sephora orders. The bad news is that I bought it in person so I couldn’t find exactly when I bought it, but the good news is that I had a lot of fun browsing old makeup that I purchased back in the day! It’s surprising how much I actually don’t remember buying.

Color: Omi is described on Sephora as a “mid-tone rose”, which sounds relatively accurate to me. I would say it has a bit more of a peach to it than the name suggests, but I imagine to most people this would be a rose. It’s not super light or dark.

Finish: The finish of this lipstick is, as the product name implies, a matte. It does have the tiniest bit of satin to it in the swatch, but on the lips it just looks like a matte.

Packaging: The packaging is definitely the most iconic part of these lipsticks! This is just a sample size, so it doesn’t quite match the luxury of her full size products, but the appearance is still the same. It’s a glossy black tube, with a pair of gold lips as a bit of flourish on the front. The inner tube is a gold color that matches the lips.

Applicator: The shape of the product is a standard bullet.

Application: I find application for this to be incredibly easy! The formula is very soft and feels kind of siliconey, so it glides on easily and is very pigmented, and color is deposited quickly and evenly. The shape of the bullet makes it easy to get the lines of my lips looking smooth and even.

Transfer: For a bullet lipstick, I was pretty impressed with how little transfer there was. When drinking from a cup, my straw had very little to no product on it, and I really only lost pigment when eating food like a sandwich. When eating said sandwich, the lipstick transferred onto my chin from my bottom lip so I needed to clean that up, but it was easy to wipe away.

Fading: As I always say, with this being a nude lipstick the fading is harder to identify. I do believe that the formula is still amazing regarding not fading right away. My lips still have that pink look that the color provides hours after application. The most notable difference is actually that you can see the product deposit into my lip lines and emphasize them, and it only got worse as the day went on. I think this is because the formula feels siliconey and similar to the Powder Kiss lipsticks from MAC, so it moves around a bit.

Comfort: Upon application, this is so wildly comfortable! I honestly forgot I was wearing it multiple times and would only remember after wiping my mouth on something. After about six hours of wear, it does start to feel drying and get a bit uncomfortable for me, but not to the point that I feel I need to take it off right away. I will say, if I don’t rehydrate my lips with a balm overnight, I wouldn’t want to wear this two days in a row as it would be uncomfortable.

Overall: This is a nifty little lipstick! I’m certainly not mad about having it my collection, and it will stay there. That said, I wouldn’t call it my new favorite formula. It’s nice for a matte lipstick, but the fact that it does dry out my lips more than others I’ve reviewed does mean I can’t wear it regularly. The color is very pretty, but also incredibly reminiscent of MAC’s Velvet Teddy, so if you own that already you can skip Omi. For me personally the packaging isn’t really my favorite either, so while I’m happy to own these, I won’t be running out to buy more.

Price Point: The Pat McGrath lipsticks can be purchased from Sephora or the Pat McGrath website for $39 (!!), which is I believe the most expensive lip product I’ve reviewed on the blog thus far, and I don’t think I’ll ever really top it! I struggle to say this is worth that amount of money, but I will also argue that the high price point comes from the bougee packaging, and having a sample size just doesn’t provide that same experience. I do know that her lipsticks go on sale, so if you must buy a full size and not a sample pack, wait for that!

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