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Natasha Denona Mini Baby Gold Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Hello friends!

Ever since Natasha Denona launched their first eyeshadow palettes, I’ve been curious to try them. Unfortunately, if you know anything about this brand, you know that it’s pretty pricey. As interested as I’ve been, I haven’t been able to convince myself to purchase.

When I saw this baby palette pop up under $20, I knew this was my chance. In all transparency, I know that in terms of actual value I didn’t really save anything, but based on the size of my collection, spending less money for less shadows ended up being the best option. I also got it for 10% off during the VIB sale, so that was a nice little bonus!

Packaging: I think the packaging of this palette is really pretty! It feels like a nice, solid plastic. The lid is a thick piece of acrylic that flips up completely flat. On the front is simple black font with the brand name and name of the palette the shadows are from. The hinges also are solid and lock it into place so you can set the lid however you’d like. When closing the lid, it has a solid snap shut and doesn’t feel like it will pop open accidentally; it takes a bit of force to lift it. Not enough to be hard to open, but enough to feel like it’s secure.

The base of the palette that the shadows sit in is a beautiful shiny gold. On the back is a sticker with the product name, shade names, and product information.


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