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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip “Stud” | Review

Hello friends!

Recently, I made a few Colourpop orders and the first one had taken longer than expected to send out.  As a result, they sent me a mini of Stud as a way to apologize for it being late! While I personally wasn’t disappointed at all in the wait time, I do appreciate getting a new lip product to test!

I’m pretty sure I actually bought a set with this in it at one point, but it looks like I decluttered it though I’m not sure why!  Either way, I was happy to give this color another shot and share my thoughts.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Color: Stud is described on the Colourpop website as a “brownish nude”. I would say this is a warm nude, so the undertones are pretty rosy.

Finish: This is what I consider a true satin!  It’s almost matte, but has a bit of a shine to it that adds some dimension.  The slight shine does a good job at providing a blurring effect, so the lines of my lips weren’t emphasized like they could be with a true matte liquid lipstick.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

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ColourPop Velvet Blur Lipstick “Lucky Strike” | Review

Hello friends!

Today I’m reviewing one of the new products I received from the mystery box Colourpop did a few weeks ago.  This is one of the newest releases from them, and I was so excited to see it, along with their new mascara!  If you’re curious to see what else I got, you can see the other pictures here.

The new Velvet Blur lipstick from Colourpop is described as a “unique matte” that provides a “soft focus, blurring effect”.  In essence, it’s a matte lipstick that doesn’t show texture on your lips!


Color: Lucky Strike is a midtone neutral pink, and on me it’s a my lips but better color.  The shade has just a touch more pink in it.  It’s definitely a stunning color that would flatter a lot of people.  Depending on the kind of neutral colors you wear, this might feel like a dark shade, so check the lip swatch to see what you think!


Packaging: Side note: isn’t this packaging absolutely stunning?!  Rose gold is my favorite metal, and the stars on it add such a cute touch to it. The word Colourpop is also etched into the lid of the packaging and is the same color as the small stars.  The shape of the bullet is very traditional to any other lipstick, but there are stars embossed on it as well!

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