2023 Goals For the Blog & My Beauty Collection!

Hello friends!

Today I have a wordy one for you all! I want to share all of the goals I have for this blog and my other social media platforms, as well as my personal makeup goals for 2023! I hope that by telling everyone what my goals are, it’ll help keep me more accountable to them! I might do quarterly updates sharing where I’m at, depending on if people are interested in hearing about it.

Instead of rambling on, let’s get into the goals, because there are a LOT of them to go through!

1. 10 Month No Buy

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you might’ve noticed that I talk about my obscenely large makeup collection a lot. Well, I want to make 2023 the year that I start making a really good dent into reviewing them – makeup doesn’t last forever, especially not the lipstick variety, which is what I have a hoard of. I have it set to end in October because I want to give myself the opportunity to bring in some new makeup if I am really excited for it, or if there’s some insane deals on makeup for the holiday. That said, the rule is that I am only allowed to buy UP TO what I have decluttered already from my collection. That means if I declutter 10 lipsticks, I’m only allowed to bring in up to 10 lipsticks. If I don’t declutter any blushes, I don’t get to bring in any blushes, even if I review them.

I want to try really hard to not bring in anything, but I also know that when I take away all opportunity to buy, I tend to binge and buy way more than I would had I given myself more lax rules. This is definitely going to be the hardest one for me to follow, but the most rewarding if I can keep at it!

2. 52 Blog Posts

I think this will be easily doable for me! 52 blog posts is just one post every week, and I actually have some goals further down for more than that just in makeup reviews, so I anticipate I’ll knock this one out of the park! I could set it higher, but I also know myself and I know that I tend to go through periods of hyper fixation and then lose interest for a while. This will make it so that even if I have a period where I have no interest in reviewing makeup, I will still have a chance of accomplishing this, which would be incredibly gratifying!

3. 60 Products Reviewed

As mentioned above, even though I only have a goal of 52 posts, I want to review at least 60 products. That means you guys will be getting bonus Wednesday posts (yay!). I am a very lip focused blog, but I want to make it so that I’m reviewing more than just lip products on here, seeing as my collection is more than just that. Any reviews for non-lip items will be on Wednesdays!

4. 2 Instagram Posts a Week

This is another accountability goal! I want to keep my Instagram active both in posting and in interacting with people. If I have a day set to post that usually means I am also browsing my feed, which keeps me active.

5. 250 Followers on Instagram

Okay, so first of all if you’re not following me on Instagram please consider it! My account is @karissatalksbeauty! I would absolutely love to hit this goal, but it’s definitely one that I won’t have much control over. All I can do is remain active and hope the algorithm favors me! I’m starting the year at 186.

6. Take Monthly Empty Pictures

Tying in with posting Instagram pictures, I want to make sure that every month I share a picture of all the empties for that month. This will encourage me to keep focusing on products to use up and give me a visual on how my progress in reducing my collection is going.

7. 2 TikToks per Month

TikTok is definitely the hot social media platform right now, and I want to make sure I’m getting my name out there as much as I can! TikTok is also just a fun platform to be on, so I don’t mind!

8. 125 TikTok Followers

Again, tying into keeping active and getting my name out there! I am starting the year with 57 followers.

9. Use Up 24 Perfume Samples

I have so many perfume samples, and I’m not even someone who loves fragrance! And this doesn’t even consider my body spray collection, which is massive for someone who doesn’t wear it. I want to have a lot less samples laying around by the end of this year! Plus, 24 samples is just two a month, which should be easily doable as they can be used up in a week with consistent wear.

10. Use Up 12 Sample Packs

Another thing that I tend to squirrel away is sample packs. This is going to be more tricky to do, as my actual makeup collection that I review has a ton of products to be tested, and I’d rather prioritize testing those over sample packs. That said, I just really need to start moving at least a few of them out. There’s no reason to have a little box packed full of them when I have so much full sized makeup!

11. Mask 1x a Week

This will encourage me to use my giant mask collection and to take care of my skin, so I’m excited to implement this goal! Any form of mask: wipe off, leave-on, sheet, eye, lip, etc. all count toward completing this goal.

12. Paint Nails 2x a Month

I have a lot of nail polish for someone who never paints their nails! And it’s kind of sad, because I love how painted nails look! I’m just very hard on my hands, and am very impatient regarding waiting for it to dry. That said, I need to make sure I’m still using my collection or passing it on. I might even be able to review some of them for you guys!

And that’s everything I have for my beauty list in 2023! There’s a lot of goals here for sure, but they all feel very attainable and I’m confident that I can do them as long as I stay motivated and disciplined.

What are your goals?!


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