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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick “Nori” | Review

Hello friends!

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: Karissa, why are you reviewing a product from a brand that is completely defunct? And I would reply that yes, it is kind of silly to be doing that since you as a consumer can no longer purchase it. However, I am acutely aware of makeup waste, and in my mind, if I have a product that I don’t do any sort of review or use in any sort of capacity, it adds to that drastically. I want to make sure that even if a product is no longer available for purchase that its original purpose of being purchased for review is satisfied.

I hope that even if you can’t buy some of the products I review, you’re still entertained or learning something!

Color: Nori is an oxblood. It’s a very deep reddy-brown shade; on my lips it actually does look more brown than red, but there is so much red pulling through that I can’t confidently call it a brown.

Finish: The Amuse Bouche formula is a cream lipstick. The finish isn’t high shine like a gloss, but definitely reflects light, creating that pretty creamy look.

Packaging: The packaging of this particular lipstick is a mini, but the full sized packaging is identical to this, just bigger. It’s a soft touch matte grey tube, and the cap has a piece taken off (a bite taken out of it, if you will), reminiscent of the standard shape of a bullet lipstick.

Applicator: The shape of this is a standard bullet lipstick; the point is a bit sharper than most other bullets so that does make a difference with a shade like this.

Application: I actually feel like this product being a mini does make the application easier, as the bullet is smaller and makes it harder to go outside of the lip lines. That said, application of any dark lipstick in a bullet feels more difficult to me as there is less control than with a doefoot. I opted to partly fill in my bottom lip and press my lips together to distribute the color to the top as well. After that I went in for a more precise application to the edges of my lips with the sharper tip.

All Bite lipsticks have a citrusy scent that disappears quickly.

Transfer: Seeing as this is not a matte lipstick and a bullet, there was definitely transfer. My coffee cup had a nice, dark lipstick line on it, as did my straw. When eating a yogurt for breakfast, my spoon had a mark where my lips had touched it. As the top layer wore down, the transferring was less, but still there. It got to the point where just tapping my finger on my lips wouldn’t transfer color, but pressing them against anything still would.

Fading: So with this color being as dark and bold as it is, the fading does end up being noticeable enough to need touchups after a while. Having eaten yogurt and a large bowl of cereal, drinking, and talking a lot, after about six hours the very inner portion of my lips did wear, which meant the natural pink of my lips would peek through just the top part of my bottom lip. At this point, I’d say either take it off or touch it up. I opted to take it off because I’m not doing anything fun, just sitting at home.

Comfort: The Amuse Bouche formula is very comfortable, as the product is pretty thick and moisturizing. It is surprising to me that this formula is one I enjoy so much, as I’m very sensitive to how thick a product is and how it feels on my lips – I tend to prefer something that I really can’t feel there at all.

Overall: I’ve always had a lot of fondness for the Bite Beauty lipsticks! They are incredibly pigmented and comfortable. This is, of course, before they did their reformulation of their entire line, as that sounds like it’s when everything went downhill. I have a ton more Amuse Bouche lipsticks floating around my collection, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of them pop up in the next year!

Price Point:As mentioned in the introduction, with the Bite Beauty brand being discontinued, this is no longer available for purchase in any capacity. I believe full size products were something like $24 or $27 each, which was certainly expensive.


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