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Tarte SEA Quench Lip Rescue Balm “Nude” | Review

Hello friends!

I need to preemptively start this review by saying I cannot believe I waited so long to review this product, because I’m kind of love it! I got it in a Sephora lip kit a few years ago, which really is the story for a lot of different products I review.

Color: There is very little pigment to this product with it being a balm, but it does have a very soft pinky nude tint to it. On my lips it really doesn’t have any sort of color.

Finish: Again, with this being a balm, the finish is just shiny and a little creamy if you apply a thicker layer.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is absolutely amazing and my vibe! It looks kind of like Lilly Pulitzer, which is an inspiration brand for me. The packaging is coated cardboard with plastic underneath. It has a midtone pink base and lighter pink shells scattered throughout. Some of the shells are accented in gold. When you pull the cap off, the tube the lipstick sits in is a shiny gold. The thing I really love about this one is that each shade has a different color/pattern!

Applicator: The shape of this bullet is just round; the actual formula is also very soft.

Application: Being a balm and a nude, application is basically foolproof. This is one product I feel completely comfortable applying without a mirror or looking because it’s so sheer. The round shape doesn’t make it easier or harder to apply.

There is a minty scent that dissipates quickly. I was concerned that applying this in the winter time would feel really cold, but it really hasn’t made any difference.

Transfer: With this just being a balm, there is essentially nothing to keep it from transferring, so anywhere my lips touched, the balm went. The side of my coffee cup had essentially all of the pigment come off onto it immediately. The same goes for any food I ate.

Fading: It’s honestly difficult to identify any sort of fading simply because the color is so sheer on me, that I can’t tell where it is even when freshly applied. I rely on the shine it gives my lips, which does last for a little bit. I’d say if you’re actively doing something (drinking, talking, eating, etc) that you’ll be reapplying every hour if you want to keep it on and visible. If you’re just looking for a quick hit of moisture, one application and calling it there is plenty, and it’ll fade away gracefully so you don’t need to continue checking up on it.

Comfort: The big winning aspect of this formula is unsurprisingly its comfort. It’s incredibly soft and feels really comforting on the lips. While I wouldn’t say this is a balm I’d use for super dry lip days, it is perfect when you just want something to throw on and not think about. It certainly doesn’t dry out my lips.

Overall: While this isn’t my new holy grail lip balm, the packaging and feel of the product does make it special and something I want to reach for often, especially since it is currently winter. I wouldn’t pay full price for it, but if Tarte came out with a set of them at a discounted price, I’d consider picking it up! Honestly, it’s the packaging that really elevates this product for me.

Price Point: If you want to try this yourself, you can find it at Sephora or Tarte’s website for $19. I do enjoy this formula, but I think it’s more worth it to find on sale or in a kit, like how I got it.

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