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Uoma by SharonC Beauty Floss Gloss “Rosie” | Review

Hello friends!

I try to keep up to date on all the latest trends, so of course I was very interested when Uoma Beauty came out! The prices were a little high for me, so I didn’t grab anything unfortunately. Well, they made an off-shoot brand, with cheaper prices and different packaging for customers who couldn’t afford the higher price tag items, which I love!

I actually got this product not too long ago from Walmart, as they had a two pack on clearance! I was pumped, because as we know I love to review products that are still relevant, but for a good deal!

Color: Rosie is a soft nudey pink; It’s mostly sheer, but does end up giving my lips a bit of a pink tint. The tint is very neutral and does not look like a baby pink or hot pink.

Finish: This is a pretty shiny formula, with a slightly creamy look to it.

Packaging: I love the packaging of this! It’s a completely clear acrylic tube so the product color is clearly visible. The cap is also clear, along with the wand. On the side in white with a hot pink stripe it says “It’s Your Time to Shine”, and on the other side it states the brand name and product. On the bottom is a sticker that lists the product color.

Applicator: The applicator is a flat paddle, with one side having the soft fluffy doefoot and the other side being bare and just plastic. I saw this on another product as well and thought it might’ve been an error in production, but clearly it’s just a style used with glosses!

Application: Application of this gloss is super easy! I was able to spread the product across both of my lips without having to dip back into the tube. I used the soft side on my bottom lip, then flipped it to the plastic side and wiped the product from there onto my top lip, then smoothed it all out with the fluffy side again. It’s easy to get in the lip lines, but since the formula is so forgiving even if I would’ve gotten messy with it I don’t think it would have been noticeable.

Upon application, I noticed that it immediately smoothed the look of my lips and did not sink into any lines at all, really adding to the “plumped” effect.

Transfer: This is a lip gloss, which means that it will be anywhere that your lips touch. That said, it actually doesn’t transfer as much as I had anticipated it doing! The straw I was using as a test subject didn’t have a ton of excess gloss on it, and when pressing my lips against my hand (gently), it seemed like the pink pigment actually came off more than the gloss itself.

Fading: The color of this gloss and my lips mesh so perfectly that there is virtually no look of fading, even as the gloss does go away. As pigment wears, the lips still remain shiny.

Comfort: This is SUCH a comfortable formula! I put it on and my lips immediately felt and looked hydrated and soft. There was no stickiness or thick feeling when applying and wearing. After a decent amount of time it did start to get the tiniest bit sticky as it wore away, but nothing significant or that changed my experience.

Overall: As soon as I put this gloss on for the first time I knew it was a winner! It’s so soft and comfortable on the lips, and it does a great job at smoothing my lips out – they looked so plush. I at no point felt the need to take the gloss off, which is usually a great sign of quality. The color is a perfect shade of pink for me. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this product! I’d love to have a couple other colors as well – this formula is definitely a favorite.

Price Point: This particular product can be purchased at Walmart for $5.98 and the Uoma Beauty website (under Uoma by Sharon C) for $7.48. This feels like a fantastic price considering the quality of the product, and it would be easy to find on sale at Walmart I’m sure!


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