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Vintage By Jessica Liebeskind Sparkling Lipgloss “Pink Sequin” | Review

Hello friends!

Switching gears from my TJMaxx shopping addiction to a previous subscription addiction, I got this gloss in a Boxycharm a while ago! Actually, I got it in an Ipsy even further back in the day, but then Boxycharm also sent me one in a full size this time. The timing was great, because the gloss from Ipsy had gone bad at that point.

This one is fresh and unopened until testing, which is an exciting experience for me!

Color: Pink Sequin is described on the Vintage Cosmetics website as a “light, sparkly icy-pink lilac”. I personally don’t see much of the lilac, but it definitely is a very soft, nearly clear gloss with a pink tint, and silvery looking glitter throughout.

Finish: The finish is a standard shiny gloss; there really wasn’t much for color payoff so it looked clear. Of course there is glitter particles throughout, which added a shimmery finish on top of the glossy look.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is quite lovely! The tube is a square shape and acrylic with the brand information printed on it. The cap is a metallic gold that matches the color of the information on the tube.

Applicator: The applicator for this gloss is a brush and not a doefoot. The brush is fine, but pretty small, and I did already have one hair that was frayed and sticking out. While this definitely didn’t impact application, I do want to note it for anyone who might be picky about their gloss brushes!

Application: I unfortunately had a difficult time with application for this product! The brush is really small and doesn’t hold a lot of gloss, so I had to dip it back in three or four times to get enough to evenly coat both of my lips. It was also pretty thick and sticky, so that combined with the small brush made for a frustrating experience.

Transfer: This is a gloss, AKA a product that will never stay on your lips if you do anything more than exist. I’m certainly not holding that against this product, but providing context when I say that it transferred onto my straw while drinking, and disappeared pretty quickly as soon as I ate some food.

Fading: After eating a meal, this gloss was completely gone; well, almost completely. The shiny gloss and base color had disappeared, but the glitter remained. I was left with bare lips with glitter throughout, so I looked like I applied a frosty finish lipstick instead of the shiny gloss it was previously.

Comfort: I don’t find this formula to be very comfortable. It felt thick immediately upon application, and sticky. Even when the product wore off completely minus the glitter my lips still felt sticky. While it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Bareminerals gloss I tried, it was still noticeable enough to feel uncomfortable for me.

Overall: This really just feels like a standard lip gloss to me, which is not a knock to the gloss or company, but when I compare it to everything else in my collection (of which there are LOTS of things), it just doesn’t stand out as something I need to keep. I’ll be passing it to a family member who will be much more appreciative of it!

Price Point: If you’re interested in picking up this gloss, you can find it on the Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind website for $25. It looks like this product is still circulating the Ipsy and Boxycharm websites as well, so you can pick one up from there likely at a discount if you’re really hankering to give this a try!


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