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Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss “Naked” | Review

Hello friends!

A few years ago, I had the not so bright idea of purchasing tons of lip kits to bolster my collection – while it’s pretty cool to have a big collection, it also means that I need to eventually work through said collection and review them all, and then decide if they’re going to stick around or move to a new home.

This is one of those products that came from a Sephora kit, and now that I’ve tried it I’m so sad I waited so long to test it out!! Spoiler alert, I really enjoy this.

Color: The Urban Decay website describes Naked as a “nude-pink cream with a pearly pink shift”. For me, when this is on my lips it does look more nude than pink, but my lips are also pigmented enough that there’s not much color payoff for me either way.

Finish: The finish of this product is quintessential “gloss” – it’s exactly what you think it would be. It’s got a sheer color payoff and a lot of shine.

Packaging: The packaging for my sample does vary quite a bit from the actual lip gloss packaging. The sample is a small, round acrylic tube with a silver cap and silver printing with the product information and brand name.

The full size product is a large, square silver tube. It has panels that are acrylic and you can see the actual product through it. The cap is also silver, and has the urban decay logo embossed in it.

Applicator: This lip gloss has a standard doefoot applicator, which I don’t feel is the best for this product. It does appear that the actual applicator for the full size is a flat paddle that holds more product, which is more beneficial to this particular formula.

Application: Application of this isn’t difficult, but does take a little more time due to the applicator. The product is kind of thick, and when dipping the wand in and then taking it out there’s only enough product to cover one lip, and I actually had to dip back in twice to cover my top lip.

There is a minty scent upon application, and for about 10 minutes after I did feel like my lips had that cooling sensation that mint will provide. It didn’t feel too intense or like I was uncomfortable and had to remove it, but if you’re especially sensitive to mint I would suggest skipping on this gloss.

Transfer: With this being a gloss, unsurprisingly there’s lots of transfer. It’ll keep transferring until it is completely gone, and goes onto everything. The gloss seems to absorb into my lips pretty quick, so it’s just leftover pigment getting onto things.

Fading: Despite a lot of transfer, because this is such a movable formula, fading ends up being very even. As the actual gloss absorbs or transfers, the pearlescent finish that this particular color has keeps the lips looking shiny. The color stayed for around 3 hours before fading away fully.

Comfort: The name suggests that this is comfortable, and I definitely agree! This gloss feels incredibly hydrating and I would be confident wearing this instead of a balm and still getting the same level of hydration.

Overall: While the color and wear isn’t fantastic (it’s a gloss so there isn’t much to expect to begin with!), the comfort of this gloss absolutely has sold me on keeping it. It’s perfect to wear at work for me right now, since the color is faint enough that it won’t look weird as it wears down and is incredibly hydrating after having to be outside in the brisk mornings.

Price Point: This gloss was originally $20 and could be found in a number of retailers, however it looks like it is actually being discontinued! This is so disappointing to me, as I would absolutely buy another one of these or a full size of this particular color to wear. If you’re interested in trying the formula, I’d suggest going to the Urban Decay website, where they have a few colors left at half off ($10). I don’t know if one of their new glosses is meant to replace this or not.

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