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Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick “Bombshell” | Review

Hello friends!

I’m back for another review of the Huda Matte Liquid Lipsticks – this time in another very popular neutral shade! I’m pretty sure Bombshell is one of the OG lip colors.

Color: The Sephora website describes Bombshell as a “subtle pinkish nude”. This feels very accurate to the color swatched and on the lips as well. On my undertones it pulls a bit more orange, but in fairness it is considered a “subtle pinkish” nude, and not just a pink.

Finish: With this being a matte liquid lipstick, the finish ends up being just like any other liquid lipstick – a fully dried down matte with no shine.

Packaging: The packaging on this product is a sleek, square acrylic tube with a satin matte black cap. The label seems to be printed on and has stayed with no fading through the time I’ve owned it. The bottom has a sticker with the color name.

One thing to note, which may bother you, is that the square of the cap is just the slightest bit off of the square of the tube. While it’s not especially noticeable or bothersome for me, if you are someone who likes everything to look perfect I’d be weary.

Applicator: The applicator is a very standard doefoot, which works well with the consistency of this formula. I didn’t notice any fraying of it or wear that would make application more difficult.

Application: It should first be noted that like all other Huda products, this lipstick has a strong vanilla/baked good fragrance. While I personally enjoy the smell, if you are someone who doesn’t like fragranced lip products you may want to skip – the scent does linger for a few minutes after application as well but will fade.

Applying this is no different from most other liquid lipsticks. The product is very liquidy and is easy to swipe on quickly. The standard doefoot makes getting straight lines simple, and the product is completely opaque in one swipe.

I did notice that for the first 15 to 20 minutes after applying, my lips were very sticky both to the touch and to each other, but this didn’t seem to affect transfer. After that, it was completely dry.

Transfer: After giving it a few minutes to set, I found that I had very little issues in terms of this transferring anywhere. There was the small excess product that came off in the beginning, but afterwards the only time I had any significant transfer was eating something like a sandwich, which would have some lipstick on the bread.

Fading: I didn’t feel like there was any stand-out problems in terms of fading for this lipstick. Obviously with it being a nude, that makes seeing fading harder than a bold color, but even after eating large/messy meals, I didn’t feel like I needed to immediately remove it or reapply. By around the 6 hour mark, if I’d eat something messy I then would want to touch up, but this is regular wear. Overall I did feel like through the work day I could trust my lipstick to stay looking good and not feel embarrassed about the state of myself.

Comfort: This is a liquid lipstick, so I wouldn’t recommend purchasing thinking you’re getting a ton of comfort with the formula. That said, I found this to be very average in terms of comfort level; it wasn’t too drying and my lips didn’t look parched by the end of the day like they can with other formulas.

Comfortability can also be improved by applying lip balm before the lipstick and wiping it off to provide a bit more hydration before applying the liquid lip.

Overall: I really love the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick formula! It’s not the most comfortable formula out there – pretty average in that regard, but considering the lasting power of it and the fact that it doesn’t completely dry my lips out means that I’ll happily reach for it on a regular basis. There’s just something about the way the packaging looks, the empowering branding (not for everyone, but it works for me!), and the colors that draw me in.

Price Point: This lipstick can be purchased for $20 from Sephora or the Huda Beauty website. While that’s more expensive than drugstore, I’d say it’s a very midrange price compared to other brands that can be found in Sephora. Oftentimes Huda has lip “kits” with either multiple colors or a lip liner, and there are always sales to be taken advantage of.

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