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CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops “Moonlight” | Review

Hello friends!

CoverFX came on my radar when they released their custom cover drops, an ultra concentrated foundation.  From there, they developed other similar items in droppers, including these gorgeous highlighting drops!

Color:  Moonlight looks like a beautiful pale rose gold color in the bottle.  On the face, it becomes a silver color with just the slightest pink hint. Ulta’s website describes this as a “shimmering beige”, which sounds pretty accurate to me.

One huge caveat to this product is that it is infused with glitter.  I think this could be a huge turnoff to some people, because there’s a lot of people who do not want glitter on their face – just their eyes.  The first time I used it, I was shocked to find that there was glitter everywhere, and I assumed that it was because my eyeshadow also had glitter in it and it was just fallout.  After taking a really close look at this, however, I realized that there is definitely glitter being used to add the shine.

Application: A little goes a long way with this!  It is an ultra concentrated highlighting drop, so you need to know what level of shine you want before you start putting it on your face.  I personally dab the end of the dropper on the high point of my cheek and blend it with my fingers along the rest of my cheekbone.  There’s usually enough left on my finger that if I want to put some on the tip of my nose or my cupid’s bow I can just tap it there without adding any more product.

I tried applying this with my sponge to my face, but it didn’t seem to blend nearly as well as my fingers and so ended up looking spotty. The problem with using the sponge is that you can’t get a smooth blend into your face, so you’re just putting dots of the product along your cheek instead of melding it seamlessly.

I was really impressed with the fact that I was able to apply this over my set face and it blended so easily on top of powder without pulling up any of the product.

Wear: This stuff is bullet proof!  After applying this, it will last until you’re ready to take it off.  I wore it for 12 hours and there was no distinct fading from what I could tell.

It also didn’t notice any emphasize on my pores or texture in my face, which is definitely a problem with some highlighters!  On one application, I applied a little too much of the product and still didn’t notice any weird looking spots – just one heck of a glow.

Overall: I’m not sure that these will become an every day, staple product in my collection as the shine that it provides is quite intense. Still, if that’s the look you’re going for you shouldn’t have any problems with this.

All that being said, these are definitely staying in my collection for any full glam looks I want to rock, or if I’m just feeling quite bold.

Where you can purchase: The highlighting drops can be found on Ulta or CoverFx’s website. They are definitely pricey, coming in at $42 – I personally would not pay full price, especially because the sample size that I have right now will last me forever. Still, if this is your ideal or dream product, I’d say go for it!

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