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MAC Electric Wonder Collection Matte Lipstick “Life in Sepia” | Review

Hello friends!

Last year, MAC came out with arguably the most beautiful collection known to exist, a.k.a the Electric Wonder. With gorgeous packaging and popular, wearable shades this was sure to draw the eyes of anyone interested in traditionally feminine, “instagramable” packaging. I, of course, was no exception!

Color: Life in Sepia is a cool, mid-toned brown. On the lips, it definitely has a grey undertone – this is the kind of color that most people either love or hate. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a vampy color, but it is definitely darker than a traditional nude.

Finish: As the name suggests, this is a matte finish. Even when it goes on there is very little shine, which quickly fades into a flat appearance.

Packaging: Unsurprisingly, the packaging of this lipstick is its selling point. It is a gorgeous pink marble, with veins of metallic gold scattered throughout. The inner portion of the tube is a matte gold, along with the small bit that peeks out and the MAC printed on it. The actual shape of the tube is a traditional MAC bullet lipstick.

Applicator: The shape of the actual lipstick is basic – just like any other lipstick shape with a traditional tear drop shape and a point.

Application: Applying this lipstick was as easy as any other bullet lipstick. Even after wearing it down a bit, I didn’t have problems with getting straight lines. One thing I will point out is that this particular shade is one that shows my natural lip colors on the edges if I don’t cover them completely. That just meant I had to be a little extra careful to make sure I got all the edges otherwise you could see pink, which looked a bit strange.

One other thing that is incredibly important to point out is the strong vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have. This one is no exception – I could smell it upon application and for about 5 minutes after.

Transfer: Because this is a matte lipstick, I didn’t find that there was a ton of transfer. While it did fade throughout the day, the actual lipstick didn’t really go anywhere. There was a small amount on the straw I used for my water, or a bit that transferred onto my bagel when I ate that, but there wasn’t much, if any on my chin or elsewhere noticeable.

Fading: In normal, every day situations the fading on this lipstick was incredibly graceful! Even for being a darker lipstick, I found that I wasn’t too concerned with having an obvious line of separation. That said, if you aren’t careful about what you eat for a meal, you may find that you do have a ring of lipstick. I’d recommend having this around for touch ups, but don’t worry about looking messy if you’re just drinking water or eating dry, easy snacks.

Comfort: Despite this being a matte lipstick, I found that it remained incredibly comfortable throughout the day. Even after wearing it for hours, I could easily forget that I had it on due to the fact that it did not dry out my lips or sit heavily on them.

Overall: As much as I adore this color, it’s not something that I will wear every day due to how dark it is. That being said, it is absolutely gorgeous for a fall look, or any time I want to add a little drama. I think that this is an amazing formula, and I will definitely be on the lookout for other shades as well. Of course, this lipstick will also be in my collection forever considering the stunning packaging.

Price Point: Unfortunately, I’ve waited a little too long to share this lipstick with you, as it is now unavailable to purchase! The cost of special packaging for MAC lipsticks is $20, and this one was no exception at the time.

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