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Ofra Cosmetics x Madison Miller Lip Gloss “Smiley For Ryleigh” | Review

Hello friends!

I will forever talk about how much I adore Ipsy, and this is part of the reason why! I was able to get this lip gloss as part of my bag – I love being able to try new collections from brands I enjoy!

Color: This is a mostly transparent peach gloss with tons of glitter. There is a hint of peach color in the base, but for the most part it’s clear with shimmer.

Finish: The finish of this is shiny, but more so I’d say this is a glitter finish gloss due to the lack of base pigment.

Packaging: The packaging of this gloss is a beautiful matte white cap with a plain acrylic tube and Ofra written on the cap. The product information is white, printed on the tube, and appears to have Madison Miller’s signature on it.

Applicator: The applicator functions like a basic doefoot, however it does have an interesting curve to it and a bit of a “chair” shape. I’m not sure if that really improves the application, but it is kind of fun.

Application: Application of this gloss is pretty easy. I dipped into the tube twice; once for each lip. Since the base is mostly clear I wasn’t too worried about going outside of the lip lines. One thing I do want to caution is that it can look streaky and clumpy upon initial application until you “blend” with the doefoot – so I’d be careful about applying without a mirror. You could also rub your lips together to distribute the pigment a bit more, but it was something I had noticed. This is me being nit picky!

There is a very sweet vanilla scent that dissipates after application.

Transfer: Unsurprisingly, there was a ton of transfer with this lip gloss. However, it didn’t really come from the base since there’s not much pigment in that. The transfer was the glitter. Any time I touched my lips, whether with my fingers, food, or drink, I would pull away and have glitter on them. On the bright side, the glitter is fine enough that it doesn’t seem to linger when it gets on things.

Fading: Unsurprisingly, this gloss fades within half an hour to an hour. I didn’t expect it to wear for long, but if you plan to use this as your only lip color you should bring it wherever you’re going and expect to reapply frequently.

Comfort: I adore the feel of this gloss! There is absolutely no stick to it at all, and when I rubbed my lips together I couldn’t feel the grit that sometimes exists when there’s a lot of glitter in something. I wouldn’t say that this feels like it hydrates my lips, but it is definitely comfortable and soft.

Overall: Despite this lip gloss having virtually no lasting power, I am in love with it! It’s a gorgeous, easy lip color that requires no thought and is perfect to just grab and go. I’m not a fan of sticky glosses at all, so this is the perfect formula for me! I also love that the base color is so faint – I can reapply as needed and not worry about patchiness aside from with initial application (which is an easy fix).

Price Point: The only place I can find this gloss is on the Ofra cosmetics website. You can pick it up for $15; however as of this post, the gloss is $1 off. If you are on the hunt for a comfortable, glittery gloss with no stick I do think this would be worth a look! It’s not quite drugstore price, but it’s less than high end so if the price seems fitting for your lifestyle, go for it!

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