Monthly Favorites | August 2019

Hello friends!

So I was bamboozled this month – for some reason, I had so much less in terms of productivity than July, and yet July was shockingly busy.  This makes absolutely no sense to me, but unfortunately it does mean that my August favorites are pretty weak.

I only had three things that really stood out to me this month – however, they’re awesome so you should definitely check them out!  September will be more exciting, I swear!


Lore Olympus: So this technically isn’t a book, it’s a web comic from the app WebToon.  It’s a romance about Hades and Persephone, which is such an interesting Greek mythology story!  I’m not wild about the art style, but the story itself is so interesting and definitely makes me laugh!  It’s got adult themes, so if you don’t like that I’d skip this.


Revisit Jamie’s Ireland Trip, Falconry and Foxhunting in Ireland “Horses in the Morning”: I laughed out loud during this podcast!  Jamie, hone of the co-hosts to this podcast, shares her experience in Ireland and the fun adventures she got to partake in.  I absolutely adored the stories she shared and it makes me want to Foxhunt in Ireland; totally going on my bucket list!


Making an Epic WIZARD Castle Using 2500+ Bricks!: I am absolutely blown away by the talent that this woman has!  Can you believe that every single brick in this video was handmade out of Styrofoam?  It was absolutely incredible to watch the process of her conceptualizing the design, all the way to the finished products; functioning lights and all.  I highly recommend checking this out; you will be amazed!

What did you love in August?

August Favorites

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