Podcasts I’ve Listened to Recently | Summer 2019

Hello friends!

I have listened to yet another four podcasts, and thought I should share them with you all!  One thing that I’ve really started doing is taking horses more seriously, which is why you see some horsey podcasts on the list!  I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are some other awesome podcasts that I definitely recommend as well!

I’ve been just devouring podcasts, so these were listened to between June and July – my current podcast has a ton of episodes, so that’s definitely slowing me down (in a good way!).

Summer 19 Podcasts I've Listened To Recently

Equine in Theory: I’ve recently fallen back in love with horses and have been spending a lot of my time thinking about them and learning.  This podcast is no exception, and actually I really enjoy what Jill has to say!  She has recently subscribed to the idea of clicker/positive reinforcement training, and it’s so fascinating to follow her journey as she learns more about it and uses it on her own horses.  It’s inspired me to pay close attention to how I’m treating and listening to horses as well.

Missing Alissa: If you really love true crime podcasts, you will love Missing Alissa!  Host Ottavia Zappala looks closely into the case of Alissa Turney, a teenage girl who went missing in 2001.  She interviews family, friends, & detectives on the case to see if they could figure out what happened to Alissa – did she run away like her stepfather believed, or was she murdered, like everyone else thinks?  It’s an incredibly unsettling listen, but also informative.

Sierra Unfiltered: I’ve followed Sierra Schultze since I found her through a video about trying on the same size jeans in different stores. The thing I loved most about her was that she wasn’t a petite girl who had a smashing success – she’s bigger and curvy and I adore the way she owns it.  This is a brand new podcast that she came out with that also features her best friend Skylar!  It’s very personal and just leaves me giggling and feeling better about my day listening to them talk.

Horses in the Morning: I’ve been really into horse podcasts lately, and this one has been a big favorite!  It’s like a Monday through Friday radio show that has different guests who talk about their contributions to the horse world.  They have super fun segments too, including Really Bad Ads and First World Problems!  It’s not all about horses – they do discuss other topics, but it’s a really great way to spend an hour just laughing about their experiences and learning a little something.

What podcasts have you been listening to this summer?

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