Monthly Favorites | July 2019

Hello friends!

I’m back to share some of the non-beauty things that I loved during July!  All of my favorites were tech-related; I had a love affair with some podcasts and found amazing videos that are totally worth watching.

Life Update:

This month has been the most wild in terms of changes in my life, so it’s the big reason why I don’t have a good variety of favorites!

I got a new vehicle, I switched departments at my job, I started riding horses more frequently, and I moved – wow, what a list!  I did share a small update about my move in a previous blog post, and that’s why I ended up skipping some blog posts for the last week of July.


Stuff You Should Know “Planned Obsolescence”: If you want to get mad about the way that industries treat us consumers, listen to this podcast!  I was shocked to hear the things they had to say about this topic – the idea that products are created intentionally worse so that we will continue to purchase, or that products are changed just enough every year to tempt people to upgrade, etc.  It was never something I had considered until listening to this, and it has definitely opened my eyes to the way consumerism plays a role in my life.

Stuff You Should Know “Lake Peigneur”: I’d never actually heard of this incident until the podcast, but it’s incredibly fascinating!  It’s about a drilling gone wrong, which ended up created a whirlpool so strong it began sucking the Gulf of Mexico in!  The best part of it is that out of every person effected, not a single person died from it.

Sierra Unfiltered “Body Positivity”: Something that I love about Sierra Schultzzie is her willingness to discuss her self-love journey; it’s something that I find incredibly motivating and comforting!  I highly suggest this podcast episode, as her and co-host Skylar discuss how they feel about body positivity, their experiences with eating disorders, and the societal idea of it.  I thought there was a lot of very important things that they share, so I highly recommend listening to it!


Greyhounds Chase the Fastest Husky at a Dog Park: I know that this is completely random, but it popped up in my recommended feed!  If you love watching dogs have an amazing time playing, you will love this video.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh through the whole thing!

I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Lang: Are words even needed for this?  I’ve loved the Try Guys for a long time, and seeing this video was incredibly heartwarming and so sad.  If you haven’t watched it, you need to!

Pipe Organ (an instrument the size of a building) – Another completely random pick, but I am so fascinated by this video!  He explores a pipe organ in Chicago, which is literally the entirety of the church it resides in.  The sounds it makes are absolutely mindblowing, and it’s so cool to see and understand how a pipe organ actually works!  Did you know it’s considered a wind instrument?!

Cream Cheese Chocolate Rice Cake Roll Cake – I discovered this channel at some point last month and love it!  It’s basically a recipe channel that does cooking ASMR.  I usually don’t like those sounds but for some reason listening to the baking is really satisfying; plus the food looks incredible!  I dare you to try this recipe out!

What did you love in July?

Monthly Favorites July 19

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