Where Are They Now? | Makeup I Reviewed Between April and June 2019

Hello friends!

I’m back to share a roundup of where the products I reviewed this quarter have gone!  I ended up testing quite a few different products, so I thought getting a quick glance at my thoughts would be beneficial to you all!

A category that I wanted to add starting this quarter is “wouldn’t repurchase”.  Since I’m expanding my reviews to cover more makeup products than just lip, I thought that this was a necessary section!  It’s what I would consider the “it was okay” stuff – it wasn’t so bad that I would immediately declutter it, but I wouldn’t buy it again when I run out.  So, if a product is in this category you’ll probably end up seeing it in my empties posts down the road! I don’t want to waste products by getting rid of them if they aren’t perfect, but I don’t want to mislead anyone by making you think I loved the product when I didn’t!

I do also want to say that lip products are a little different than anything else on this list.  I try to hold them to higher standards and I own so many that I just consider keeping them to be the other makeup equivalent to “wouldn’t repurchase”.  I just have such a love affair of trying new lip products constantly that I’m not sure I would ever use one up, let alone need to buy a replacement!  I do want to be clear though – if it’s staying in my collection, it’s something that I think is a good product.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Bittersweet – I went back and forth a lot on this particular lipstick; I even put it in my declutter pile at one point.  But until I can find a better formula with this same color, I’ll be keeping it!  Truly I adore the vampy look and the undertones.

Maybelline Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick Mauve for Me – This was a standout lipstick for me!  I thought the formula was super comfortable, the color looked nice, and while it didn’t last long it was easy to reapply.  I would be happy to try another color in this line!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Creeper – Despite the transfer, I thought that the color was so beautiful and I know I don’t have to worry about it fading away and looking patchy and needing to fix it.  When I’m looking for a good red, I’m happy to grab for this one!

Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick Trendsetter – I loved the formula of this lipstick! It was super comfortable and the color is one of my favorites for every day.  I’m excited to try even more!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Kristen – Originally I didn’t think I’d like this gloss much, but it was a beautiful color and wore so well that I couldn’t get rid of it!  It’s incredibly comfortable and has such gorgeous shine – I would recommend if you’re looking for an opaque gloss!

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick Send Nudes – While this isn’t the best color for me, I thought that the formula of this particular lipstick was really beautiful!  It wore well and the shine was very pretty.  I’m definitely looking to try another shade.

Tarte Sugar Rush Sugar Coat Velvet Liquid Lipstick Cupcake – This was another standout for me in these past three months!  The formula is so unbelievably comfortable and the color was gorgeous.  I can’t wait for more colors to be released in this line so I can try them!

Wouldn’t Repurchase:

Colourpop BFF Volumizing Mascara – While I thought that the mascara was fine for an every day look, I didn’t love how fussy it was.  It clumped, which is a look I don’t enjoy so I spent a lot of time separating.  I couldn’t put it on my bottom lashes or it smudged and flaked.  I would be interested in trying a different color, however!


NARS Satin Lip Pencil Rikugien – I was underwhelmed by this lipstick to say the least.  The color payoff on me was practically nonexistent, but it wasn’t comfortable enough to wear as a tinted lip balm, so I gave it to my mom as a present! I hope she likes it more than I did.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Stud – I’m not sure that the Ultra Satin formula did this color any favors, and I’m a little concerned about the way I’ll feel about other colors in the future. Either way, I didn’t like the wear with this shade so I’m passing it on.

Nudestix Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil Whisper – I loved the formula of this product, but the color just does not work for me.  It’s a bit too pale and the wear makes it look incredibly unflattering.  I will definitely be trying other Nudestix products in the future, though!

Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick Sapphire Siren – Truthfully, I was impressed with how this lipstick ended up wearing (I didn’t think it would be great), but I just know that I will never reach for a navy blue lipstick, and if I did it wouldn’t be this formula.  I just have no space in my collection to keep something I won’t wear!  Still, if you’re interested in trying a blue lipstick I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Viper – The color of this was beautiful, but I really didn’t like the transfer and wear of this.  I just own too many lipsticks to keep this one around; I’ll never reach for it over anything else!

What are some makeup items you’ve been loving recently?

Where Are They Now? Makeup I Reviewed Between April & June 2019 - A Midwest Belle

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