Monthly Favorites | June 2019

Hello friends!

June is gone, which means I’m back to share the non-beauty things that really stood out to me as awesome and worth a look for you all as well!  There’s a wide assortment of topics this month, so hopefully there’s at least one thing that catches your eye!


Rich Dad Poor Dad: So you’ll already have read about my feelings on this book in my Books I’ve Read Recently #2 post, but this has made me completely rethink money and working.  I would highly recommend checking out this book if you want to grow your financials and understand money better.


“Dusted” Podcast: I have listened to this podcast on repeat a few times now.  If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, you will love this podcast! A husband and wife duo reviews each episode by doing a breakdown of the events that happen and their thoughts on what the show is trying to say; they also take a technical look at the acting, production, and writing.  Unfortunately the podcast has stopped due to personal problems and so it is unfinished, but it’s worth listening to what’s available!

The reason it’s on my favorites list this month is because I’m playing it through once again and I just can’t stop listening!  I’ve only gotten to season four of the TV show, so I’m stopping once I get to the corresponding episode of Dusted, until I keep watching Buffy.


This Esme: I found a few different new YouTubers that I started watching in the beginning of June, but This Esme has absolutely stood out as an incredible, high quality channel!  Not only are her horses (and donkeys!) adorable, but her editing is absolutely mindblowing – I’m positive she has a drone that’s out there getting footage along with a GoPro and someone filming, which is something that I’ve never seen on an equestrian channel before.


“Words Fail” Dear Evan Hansen: I personally haven’t seen this musical yet, but I did listen to the entire soundtrack and fell absolutely head over heels for this song!  It’s so sad, but beautiful.  I’m sure if I see it I will enjoy the song even more than I do now!

Video Games:

Scary Game Squad “Observation” Playthrough: I’m a self-proclaimed lover of horror, so it’s no surprise that I love everything that the Scary Game Squad does!  This month, I have been obsessed with their playthrough of Observation – where they play as SAM, an AI aboard a space station.  We are thrust into the middle of some crazy stuff happening, and you’re learning what’s going on as the crew is as well.  I didn’t think that I would be particularly interested in this since it’s a lot of interface – cameras, connecting to laptops, reviewing logs, etc. but wow is it just so fascinating! The story is shocking, and if you like space horror I would highly recommend giving this a peek!  I wasn’t wild about the ending, but getting there was such a ride.

Monthly Favorites | June 2019 - A Midwest Belle

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