Podcasts I’ve Listened to Recently | Spring 2019

Hello friends!

I’m back to share the podcasts that I’ve listened to all the way through over the Springtime!  Unlike the Winter, the podcasts I listened to this season are much more upbeat and less scary (well, most of them) so those of you who don’t like listening to crime and horror will have some options!

As always, if you have any podcasts you listen to and love, please share them with me!  I’m always on the lookout for fun new things to listen to while at work.

Podcasts I've Listened To Recently | Spring 2019 - A Midwest Belle

1. Jenna & Julien Podcast – YouTubers Jenna Marbles (Morey) and Julien Solomita started a podcast to do basically whatever they want, and I am here for it!  It’s hard to say what the podcast is about specifically, because it’s really whatever either of them want to talk about.  A lot of times they play funny games, but they have also had serious discussions regarding things going on in the world and on the Internet.  If you like either of their videos or personalities, I would highly recommend!

2. Ask a Manager – This podcast is all about how to navigate sticky situations at work.  Alison Green has a website with the same name that answers people’s questions from the perspective of a manager and as someone who’s just been in the workforce for a long time.  It’s so interesting to not only hear about the whacky situations some people are in, but also to hear a different take on a situation you may have been in at some point.  Unfortunately the podcast has been discontinued, but there’s a large backlog of episodes to check out, plus she posts on her website still!

3. Beauty News – As you can imagine, this is a weekly podcast that does a recap on a lot of the new releases and beauty announcements from the week.  Haley and Kat bring their own goofy, sometimes vulgar personality to the table, and share a pretty extensive list of everything in the industry.  They cover all sort of brands, from incredibly well known all the way down to small indie.  I really enjoy their honesty regarding whether a product is interesting to them, and if the quality is there from the brand.

4. Lore – If you like creepy stories about all sorts of different things, then Lore is the podcast for you! Aaron takes a deep dive into the folklore that we’ve heard of, and some that we haven’t, and turns it into an unsettling experience that will sometimes leave you with your jaw dropped!  It’s always like listening to a story around a campfire, and is well researched and produced.  There’s an Amazon Prime show of the same name, but I personally haven’t watched it!

5. Science Rules – If you haven’t heard of Bill Nye, where have you been?!  He started a new podcast very recently, and it’s so fun!  It reminds me so much of his TV show, but targeted towards adults instead of children. There’s a topic chosen for the show, and then callers who get to ask a question about it.  Bill, his friend Corey, and their guest for the week (an expert in the field) discuss their thoughts and the answer to said question.  I shared an episode that I loved in my May Monthly Favorites!

P.S. This post is going up a little earlier than normal, but July is packed full of posts that I’m so excited for already, and since I know I’m not going to finish any new podcasts, I figured I’d share these right away so you can all have a listen!

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