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Wet n’ Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick “Send Nudes” | Review

Hello friends!

A while ago, Wet n’ Wild launched their liquid catsuit matte liquid lipsticks, and they seemed to be extremely successful!  Since the trend now is moving back towards glossy lips, they expanded the line to include this new “liquified lipstick” formula.

Color: Send Nudes is a warm, light-medium nude with peachy undertones.  It’s definitely on the lighter side, but it’s not as pale as some other peach nudes on the market.

Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick "Send Nudes" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Finish: The finish of this lipstick is, as you would assume, shiny like a lip gloss.  It’s not as sheer as you would expect for the shine, so it looks a bit creamy as well.

Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick "Send Nudes" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Packaging: I really enjoy the packaging of this lipstick!  It’s a shorter, stumpier tube than a traditional liquid lipstick.  It’s the same packaging as their matte liquid lips, but instead of a black cap, it’s white!

Something important to note was that I had such a hard time getting this open the first time!  I honestly thought that I got a defective one because it was so difficult, but after walking away and then trying again I did get it.  After I got it open the first time, I haven’t had any other issues.

Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick "Send Nudes" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Applicator: The applicator is a “chair” style; it was a wider base, and then thins at the tip, giving it the appearance of a chair (hence the name).  This shape doesn’t hold a lot of product, but does hug the lips and makes it easy to get a clean application.

Application: Applying this was a little bit of a chore, but well worth it in my opinion!  The applicator holds enough product for one of my lips, but not both.  Additionally, the first layer is semi-opaque, so if you want a fully opaque look similar to the swatch below it needs to be built up with a second layer.  I ended up dipping the wand in three times to get the appearance of the lip swatch below.

The formula isn’t watery – it’s definitely a bit thicker, but not gloopy.

Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick "Send Nudes" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Transfer: The transfer on this lip product is a combination of a lip gloss and a cream lipstick.  I found that immediately after application when drinking coffee that a lot of color came off onto the mug, moreso than a traditional cream lipstick.  This makes sense, though – it’s definitely a gloss formula.  I had a similar experience with my silverware and having the lipstick come off on that.

Fading: Despite the amount of transfer I had, I found that the fading on this product wasn’t too terrible.  It lasted around 5 hours, and what I found was that the shine would fade, but the color would stay relatively vibrant as I went through my day normally.

I did notice that as I wore this, it would sink into the lip lines and lose some opaqueness in the very center of my lips, which I imagine is just due to the nature of the product – it’s not one that has a lot of grip.  After eating a meal, it definitely wears off. It could use some fixing up at that point, but this applies over itself nicely, so I’d plan on doing some touchups if you’re wearing this for the entire day!

I think the shade is neutral enough that if you didn’t want to keep fussing with it and just let it wear off, you wouldn’t look crazy doing it.  There were a few days where I didn’t bring it with me to fix up, but I wasn’t concerned with having patchy lips or being embarrassed with the state of it.

Comfort: On initial application, this is very comfortable – not at all sticky, and it feels like any other gloss.  Throughout wearing it, it stays at the same level of comfort, which is a major positive for me!

The only thing that changes as it fades is that it gets the slightest bit tacky.  It doesn’t necessarily feel goopy or like your lips will be stuck if you push them together, but there’s a somewhat noticeable difference in texture as the day goes on.  It remains hydrating even when the color is mostly gone.

Overall: I had a really good experience with this lip product!  I haven’t heard a ton about this formula, and the last thing I remember wasn’t positive, so I didn’t know how to feel going into it. I am happy to say that I will definitely continue to wear this!  It’s a really nice gloss, especially for spring, because of the beautiful shine and hydration it provides.

The question I’m asking myself right now, however, is would I buy another shade of this?  It’s just opaque enough that it would probably alter any color you put underneath, but I’m not sure it would be opaque enough to stand on its own for a bolder shade.  Typically when I’m wearing something bold, I don’t do cream or gloss formulas since I’d like it to stay put. So that leaves me with a bit of a predicament – would I buy more?  Maybe if they released more shades of it that were a nude for me!  I’m interested in purchasing Chic Got Real, but no other colors really stood out  as something I would like.

Price Point: At $4.99 at the drugstore, or $5.29 at Ulta, you really can’t go wrong with this!  If you’re not sure about how you would feel, I would say go for it with a color you love, and see if its a formula that works for you!

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