Monthly Favorites | May 2019

Hello friends!

I blog about beauty a lot, and that is something that I love! But did you know that I have a lot more interests than just that?  I wanted to do a roundup of not only my favorite beauty items (if I have anything specific to share!), but to have a post where I can share the things that I’ve been loving that aren’t in my typical wheelhouse.

This month is going to be a little less in depth than any other because I hadn’t decided to do this until the actual end of the month, so expect more from now on in these!


Science Rules: Episode 2 “The Right Drug for the Right Bug”: I have become obsessed with listening to this podcast because Bill Nye was a big part of my childhood!  There’s only a few episodes out, but so far this one has absolutely been my favorite. It has to do with antibiotics and your microbiome (the bacteria in your body).  I always find this fascinating, and they talk about something very relevant to us today: the rise of resistant bacteria and what we can do to help prevent that!

Video Games:

Biffa Plays Indie Games: I found this channel randomly and I am in love with it!  He plays a game called Cities: Skylines which is a city simulation; basically you get to build a city and do whatever you want with it!  He has a series that he does where he fixes his viewer’s traffic, and for some reason it has me completely captivated.

Horse Isle 3: On of my favorite things to do growing up was play an online horse game called Horse Isle, and even though I’m definitely not the standard demographic, I can’t help but be so excited to be playing their newest iteration!  It’s like an open world game where you catch horses, explore, and build your ranch up while socializing with other players.


Voices In Your Head “We Found Love”: Spotify suggested to me an a capella group called Voices in Your Head, and I got chills listening to them you guys!  I adore the sound of a capella (no instruments, just voices), and their cover of We Found Love was so unbelievable; I also really liked their newest album “Begin Again”.

Pentatonix “Sound of Silence”: On the same vein, I adore Pentatonix, and I fell back in love with their cover of Sound of Silence!  It’s one of my favorite songs in general; I really enjoy the original and covers as well.


Time Allocation Bullet Journal Spread: In an effort to make sure I’m using my time wisely and to help me become even better, I came up with a time allocation spread! Basically, I chose a certain amount of hours a week I want to spend on different areas of my life, and for every hour I do that, I get to fill in a square!  I’m really excited to see where that takes me, and hopefully you guys will see the fruits of my labor as well!

What non-beauty things have you been loving?

Monthly Favorites | May 2019 - A Midwest Belle

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