The Perfect Subscriber Tag

Hello friends!

I know this tag is basically exclusively done on YouTube, but even though I don’t post YouTube videos (yet), I still thought this would be fun to share since I’ve been an avid watcher for so many years!

1. Do you subscribe right away when you find a new channel/video? Or try a few videos first?

It depends on how much time I have!  If I have an hour to kill, I’ll probably watch a few videos before subscribing, and if it’s on a playlist like my “declutters to watch”, I’m watching just one video and moving on.  If I don’t have much time, I’ll subscribe and then add the videos that pop up in my subscription feed to my watch later list; from there, if I don’t like them I’ll just unsubscribe again.

2. Does the “make sure you subscribe” mantra ever sway you to subscribe?

Unfortunately, no!  I rarely go outside of my subscription feed anymore (not enough time), so I’m obviously already subscribed to them, and I just don’t have the time to sort through push notifications.

3. How many channels do you have the notification bell turned on for?

None.  I try to be pretty diligent on paying attention to the people I subscribe to, so I notice when I’m not seeing their videos. If I feel like I have less videos than normal in my feed, I’ll usually go to their page specifically to make sure I’ve watched all the recent videos.

4. Do you watch every video from your subscription feed, or only your favorites?

Usually everything!  Unless it’s a video that I’m really not interested in, they all go to my watch later playlist to be watched when I have time.

5. How many channels do you never miss an upload for, no matter how busy you are?

All of them! Utilizing the watch later list makes it super easy to add everything in my sub feed to a list to make sure I don’t miss them.  I only subscribe to people if I like all of their content, so if I find that I’m hiding multiple videos without watching, that usually means I’m going to unsubscribe.

6. What kind of commenter are you?

A terrible commenter!  I really only comment on a few people’s videos, and only if it makes me think or feel strongly.  I don’t like leaving comments that are simple, since it’s hard to have a good discussion with that.

7. Do you skip ads or watch?

Again, this depends on the person (how terrible of me!), the length of the ad, and what I’m doing at the time.  If it’s someone I really want to support, I’ll let the ads play through most of the time.  If the ad is longer than 30 seconds, I’ll usually give it a skip, though – ain’t nobody got time for that.  If I’m solely watching YouTube, I’ll usually skip an ad as well, but if I have something else up on the side I’ll just let the ad play through.

8. Do you speed up videos?

I almost always speed up videos.  Some videos, like equestrian videos, are played at normal speed (I don’t want to watch horses move at a weirdly fast pace).  Video game videos are usually at 1.25x speed for the same reason – it’s weird seeing the screen move so fast.  Book and makeup videos are usually at 1.5x speed since I’m usually just listening and not watching, and I’m comfortable hearing people talk quickly.

9. Do you click affiliate links or use affiliate codes?

I really do try to, but I rarely do any shopping online, and when I do I usually just go straight to the website without even thinking about it until later – so sorry to the creators whose links I haven’t used!

10. What’s your preference when it comes to video length? Your sweet spot?

I usually like shorter videos, but it depends on the content. I prefer book videos to be around 10 minutes, makeup to be around 15, and video games can be any length depending on the person I’m watching.  Again, if I like the person I’ll always watch a longer video since it’s usually going faster than it normally would.

11. Do you thumbs up most videos?

I usually forget, somehow!  If it’s an especially good video, or something I want to save, I’ll like it, but when I’m just going through my watch later list I usually don’t.

12. Do you ever thumbs down a video?

I can’t think of a video in recent memory that I’ve done that for.  Usually if I don’t like something, I’ll just close out of it.  Personally, a thumbs down doesn’t mean anything to the person who sees it, so if I want to provide feedback I’ll do it in a comment, not using a rating system!

13. Do you share other YTer’s videos on your social media’s?

I try to share videos that I think are especially good! Typically it’s just on Twitter, though. I find that that’s the easiest place to share, and it doesn’t look out of place in my feed.

The Perfect Subscriber Tag - A Midwest Belle

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