An Introduction to Beauty 101

Hello friends!

One thing that’s important to know about me is that I am a naturally curious person.  I ask a lot of questions, some of which are better than others.  And I ask questions about everything.

As I started getting into makeup, I heard lots of words that I was unsure of what they meant.  To be honest, I still don’t know what some of them mean.  That is why I have decided to start this series: I have so many questions about makeup, skincare, ingredients, what the purpose of different products are, etc. and you know what they say: if you have a question about something, chances are other people do, too!

Beauty 101 is going to be a series where I take an incredibly deep dive into all sorts of things related to beauty, but with an emphasis on skincare and ingredients.  Jen Luvs Reviews also inspired me with her love of ingredients and research, so if you find this idea interesting please go check her channel out!

I’m on a mission to learn everything that I can about what I’m putting on my face, because so often we’re hit with words like “extracts”, “acids”, or “clean”, but what does it all really mean? Companies make them sound like the best thing ever, but if you don’t know what it does or what your skin needs, how do you know it’s worth it? That’s my thought process!

I have a giant list of things I want to learn about, but I want to make this as informative for you all as well!  If there’s any topic that you’re curious about, please let me know so I can do some research into it.  Just as few of the things already on my list include Vitamin C in skincare, Retinol, various oils, and in the future hopefully ingredient breakdowns of popular makeup items!

There’s not a set schedule right now, since I want to make sure I’m as thorough as possible in understanding what I’m discussing. That being said, I’m hopeful that I will be able to share a post once a month!  No promises, however.  It’s important to me that I get as much information as possible so we’re all getting the full story.

I do intend to provide sources for each post as well, so if you’re interested or want to learn more, you can always follow those links!

Please let me know if this sounds like an interesting idea to you!  I’ve wanted to take the leap and start this for a while, so I hope you all are as excited as I am to get this series started!

An Introduction to Beauty 101 - A Midwest Belle

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