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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip “Stud” | Review

Hello friends!

Recently, I made a few Colourpop orders and the first one had taken longer than expected to send out.  As a result, they sent me a mini of Stud as a way to apologize for it being late! While I personally wasn’t disappointed at all in the wait time, I do appreciate getting a new lip product to test!

I’m pretty sure I actually bought a set with this in it at one point, but it looks like I decluttered it though I’m not sure why!  Either way, I was happy to give this color another shot and share my thoughts.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Color: Stud is described on the Colourpop website as a “brownish nude”. I would say this is a warm nude, so the undertones are pretty rosy.

Finish: This is what I consider a true satin!  It’s almost matte, but has a bit of a shine to it that adds some dimension.  The slight shine does a good job at providing a blurring effect, so the lines of my lips weren’t emphasized like they could be with a true matte liquid lipstick.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Packaging: In my opinion this packaging is very basic, but I don’t mind if it cuts costs for me!  The tube is a basic clear plastic, and the cap is a shiny silver.  The printing with the lipstick information is standard to Colourpop, so I expect that as time goes on, the words will rub off.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Applicator: Similar to the rest of the packaging, the applicator is a very basic doefoot that serves the product well!

Application: This seemed to be a little less liquidy than other Colourpop lipsticks I’ve tried, but it still ended up being very easy to apply.  It only required one dip into the tube to cover both lips.  It was also fully opaque in one swipe.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip "Stud" | Review - A Midwest Belle

Transfer: I was surprised with just how much this lipstick transferred.  When I drank my coffee, there was lipstick all over the rim of the mug.  The same thing was true for sipping out a can, dabbing my mouth with a napkin, or eating.  This stuff transferred on everything, and not just a little bit.

Additionally, it never seemed to really set on my lips and so transferred easily across the rest of my face.  After eating I would always have a dark lipstick mark on my chin (this does happen frequently when eating for me though), or if I wasn’t careful about just dabbing my napkin I would smear this all over the rest of my face.  Even if I just gently touched the edge of my lips, this product would smear out of the lip lines.

Fading: I found that this lipstick had a big fading problem to me.  Since this is a relatively dark shade, as it transferred and wore throughout the day it started to become patchy; I would have spots where there was more pigment, and it wasn’t just coming off of the inner rim of my lips like I had expected.  It would be various spots all over, leading to an uneven appearance that had to be reapplied to fix.

However, when I wasn’t eating or drinking, this did stay put, so if you wanted to wear this on a day to day basis and had set meal times and could check up after, I don’t think the fading would be a big issue for you.

Comfort: This formula is surprisingly comfortable for a liquid lipstick, but since it’s not completely matte it does make sense.  It never truly dried down, so there was always a bit of tackiness when I pushed my lips together.  As I ate food it got a little more uncomfortable and felt drier, but it never felt like a traditional liquid lipstick.

Overall: While I did like this color, I’m not sure the formula does it any favors.  Since it’s a relatively dark nude, as it wore it became patchy and uneven; not a good look.  It was comfortable and easy to apply, but a little too high maintenance for me to want continually fuss over and worry about it looking bad.  There’s definitely a chance that lip liner could help, though!

I wouldn’t wear this for special occasions where I would be talking and eating a lot, but I think this could be great for wearing on an every day basis when you have a regular routine.  If you can touch it up, you won’t ever have the fading problem, which was the biggest deterrent for me.  As for transfer, as long as you don’t mind it on your drinks or are careful while eating, it again shouldn’t be a huge problem. Just don’t accidentally wipe your mouth!

Price Point: The Ultra Satin lips are $7 each normally, but I couldn’t find it being sold on it’s own, and as of April 21, 2019, it looks like the only way you can get it is in the Hidden Agenda lip bundle, which is on clearance. It sounds like once that kit is sold out, you won’t be able to get this shade anymore!

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