30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019

Hello friends!

In January I did a decluttering challenge for myself where I wanted to get rid of 31 items; one for each day.  I ended up getting rid of so much more than that, but I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by how much stuff I still have.  I’ve also been bringing in quite a few new items lately, so I decided to do another daily declutter for this month!

The thing about this declutter is that it’s much harder than January.  I don’t have many items in mind that need to go, so I’m going to take a deeper look into my collection of stuff to see what I really feel like I don’t need.

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 1: Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Kit Packaging

Day 2: Green Grid Washi Tape

Day 3: A pair of socks

Day 4: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color “Devotion”

Day 5: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color “Obsession”

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 6: 16 Stationery Empties (9 sticker sheets, 2 rolls of washi tape, 2 glue dot adhesives, 2 sticky note packs, 1 pen)

Day 7: Memory Box Clearout (42 items)

Day 8: NARS Rikugien

Day 9: NYX Satin Ribbon

Day 10: 6 Makeup Bags

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 11: 2 Rolls washi tape (black dots and triangles)

Day 12: 5 rolls washi tape

Day 13: Stencil Set

Day 14: 2 Cups

Day 15: 1 Cup, 1 Bowl (cup not pictured; the same as the previous day)

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 16: 3 Plates

Day 17: Black elephant bracelet

Day 18: White watch

Day 19: Gold necklace

Day 20: Nightgown and shorts

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 21: Pair of socks, tights, panties & two bras (not pictured)

Day 22: Jeans

Day 23: Headphone case & strap

Day 24: Vince Camuto Eyeshadow Trio

Day 25: 2 Old Happy Planners (Pages)

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

Day 26: Teeth Whitening Gel

Day 27: Proraso Liquid After Shave Cream

Day 28: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Day 29: 2 Wet n’ Wild Nail Polishes

Day 30: Nintendo DS Travel Case

In the middle of the month I had a great time with finding things to get rid of and ended up passing on a lot, but towards the end of the month it was a lot more difficult to find items!  I had some things I wanted to pass on in mind, which is why it was so easy to pick individual items or groups of items, but as time went on I had to really search for things I no longer needed or wanted.

The reason you see multiple items in one day are because they were from the same location – for example, the headphone case and camera strap were both from a miscellaneous storage bin I have that contained a bunch of tech and other items.  Since I went through that entire section in one day, I wanted to include it all as that day’s declutter.

So how can you do a 30 Day Declutter?

If you have specific items you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while but can’t quite push yourself, doing a 30 day challenge is a great way to motivate yourself to get it done!

Make sure you understand how much you want to get rid of, or how you want to organize your decluttering right away! So, if you just want to get rid of a few little things, setting a goal of one item a day is going to work well for you.  If you have a lot of stuff you want to pass on, I would recommend picking one area a day.

For example, if you need to clear a lot of drawer space, maybe each day you go through one drawer and everything you get rid of from that particular spot counts as that day’s declutter.  If you enjoy planning ahead, I would recommend making a list of all the different sections of your home you want to organize/declutter and do one of those sections each day.  Don’t make them too big, though, or you could find yourself overwhelmed!

Decluttering can be hard to do, and if you have a lot of stuff and then decide you’re going to declutter your entire office in one sitting, you’ll probably end up getting frustrated, tired, and not wanting to get rid of anything anymore. From there, decluttering will be associated with negative emotions and stress and who wants to do something that stresses them out?  No one!  Start small, and if you’re comfortable building up afterwards, go for it.

And remember, even if you’re getting rid of just one item a day, that’s one less item in your home!  Even the smallest of steps is still a step in the right direction. 🙂

30 Days of Decluttering | April 2019 - A Midwest Belle

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