Colourpop Velvet Blur Lipstick vs. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick | Formula Comparison

Hello friends!

When MAC released their new Powder Kiss lipsticks a while back, I immediately felt the need to go out and buy it.  Until recently, I’d never heard of another lipstick that had quite the same sort of formula!  While there are certainly some that are similar or can provide nearly the same effect, this just seemed so different and special.

In the past few months, Colourpop has come out with a lipstick that made me think it was very similar – one might even call it a formula dupe!  Today, I wanted to share my thoughts as to if these formulas are close enough to warrant being dupes or not!

If you’re curious to see my thoughts on each individual lipsticks, I do have reviews up of CP Lucky Strike and MAC Mull It Over.

Colourpop Velvet Blur Lipstick vs. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick | Formula Comparison - A Midwest Belle

Shade Range: MAC did come out with new colors, so they now have 24 shades of this formula versus Colourpop’s 16, however I think that Colourpop had a much better shade range at launch.  Comparing the two, I think that they look very even in terms of wearable and bold shades now.  I imagine that as Colourpop releases more collections (they never sleep!), there will be additional colors added to this formula.

If you want to see what each brand has in their ranges, here’s links to the Colourpop shades and the MAC shades. Equal

Application: The MAC formula feels much more smooth while swatching.  If you’re looking to get a sheer wash of color and have that blurred effect, you’ll find it much easier to do with MAC.  The Colourpop lipstick did feel more stiff and was harder to get an even “soft” application.  If you intend to build them up to full opacity, they have the same level of pigmentation. Equal

Below are some swatches; the left two are a single soft swatch, and the right two are built up.  Please ignore the staining from the other swatches!

Colourpop Velvet Blur Lipstick vs. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick | Formula Comparison - A Midwest Belle

Lasting Power: In terms of lasting power, I think that these were very comparable.  I didn’t feel as though either had an edge on the other, so if lasting power is most important to you, either one will work just fine. Equal

Appearance: I thought that the Colourpop lipstick looked a lot better than the MAC one did. I will definitely caveat that by saying that the colors are very different and there’s a chance that the reason I feel that the Colourpop one looked better is because it’s a shade I like better on me that wasn’t quite as light, but I have to go from my own experience.  If I had a color dupe, I’m not sure that I would feel the same. Colourpop

Packaging: I’m not going to lie, as beautiful as the Colourpop packaging is, there’s something about a MAC lipstick that feels so iconic and fancy.  They’re both beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but the MAC is just so sleek and the powdery black cap is perfection.  Once again, Colourpop’s rose gold with embossed stars still calls to another side of me that adores everything shiny and gold/pink.  If you’re looking for a display piece, it’s all about your own packaging preferences between the two. MAC

Overall: While both lipsticks are meant to have a similar effect, I don’t think that the formulas are necessarily dupes for each other.  The MAC formula goes on much smoother and feels very siliconey, lending to ease of a soft wash of color.  The Colourpop formula is thicker, and works better if you plan on building it up more.  Because the Colourpop is thicker, I do see more blurring with it than with the MAC.

Upon taking a very close look at the two lipsticks, I think that the biggest reason why I prefer the appearance of the Colourpop lipstick is because of the shades.  My very pigmented lips mean that lighter colors like Mull It Over tend to look weird on me no matter how much I build it up – they’re never quite opaque enough for my tastes.   This formula does not do any favors in that regard.

If you’re on a budget, I don’t think that you’re missing out on anything by choosing the Colourpop over the MAC, and I’ll probably buy it from now on.  However, if you really want to invest in a fun and different lipstick, you also can’t go wrong with owning MAC.  It’s a true toss up and it just depends on your own preferences, as well as what shades you think suit you best.

Have you ever heard of a blurring matte lipstick?

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