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NYX Lip Lingerie “Satin Ribbon” | Review

Hello friends!

When I went into this review, I thought for sure that I wouldn’t love this color and that I would pass it on afterwards because most of the time these shades don’t look good on me, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Because I have such pigmented lips, I’ve always found that pale colors look extremely patchy and weird on my lips, and I’ve always gotten rid of them.  However, I think I’ve found a winner!

Color: Satin Ribbon is an incredibly pale peach nude color that is probably the lightest lip color I own. This is definitely not a color for everyone, because it’s so peachy and pale and could potentially give the look of concealer lips.

Applicator: The applicator is very long compared to most standard liquid lipsticks, as you can see.  This holds enough product to cover both my bottom and top lips with just one side, which is saying a lot!  I’ve found that with most other liquid lipsticks, I have to either dip again or flip sides.  However, since there’s no point at the end of the applicator it’s hard to get a fine line. I personally didn’t have any issue getting a nice application, but it might be difficult for others.

Application: When you first put this on, it’s a little sticky, but after a few hours it goes away and feels like a normal matte liquid lipstick.  It’s mostly opaque, but doesn’t quite cover my lips completely; because of this the swatch may not look the same on you as it does on me.

You can layer it right away to build opacity, but be careful to not swipe a lot or it’ll get streaky.  I patted it on to build opacity, but if you do too much you might create a weird bumpy texture.  The applicator is pretty smooth so that’s not likely, but just something to be aware of!

Comfort: The formula is incredibly comfortable, and it’s not something that I felt on my lips at all after it dried down completely and lost its tackiness.  Even while it was still sticky, it was only noticeable when I pushed my lips together.  It’s a thick moussey formula, which lends to its comfort.

When I tried to reapply the lip product on top of itself a few hours later, it ended up pulling up and looking more patchy than it had before.  If you eat something that ends up taking off a lot of the color, I’d suggest removing it completely before reapplying.

I noticed that after a few hours the product sunk into my lip lines a bit, making them look very dry.  However, they still felt totally fine.  This may be due to the color, and not a problem with the formula.  Since my lips are so pigmented, it could also be possible that as the color wore down, it just made my own natural lips show through more.

While there were a few issues, overall I’d say this is an above average lip product that I really enjoyed the look and feel of.  If you’re looking for a good pale peach lip color, this one comes recommended from me! I think that the problems that I saw were just in the nature of this shade, and if you wore a light lip liner under it you could avoid any patchiness.  Also, if you have lips that aren’t pigmented, you’ll probably have a lot more luck, but coming from someone with dark lips, this is pretty good!

I know that this formula has mixed reviews, but I’m someone who loves it!  If you like the comfort of moussey formulas and are okay with sacrificing some lasting power, I would definitely suggest giving it a shot.  It’s very affordable at $7.00 on Ulta’s website, and has a bunch of really pretty nudes, so if this color doesn’t appeal to you, I’d still recommend looking into a different one!

Would you wear this color?

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