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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color “Devotion” | Review

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to let you all know my thoughts on the other Revlon Matte Lip Color I own!  In an effort to see if maybe the formula was inconsistent between colors, I wanted to share my experience with another shade.  You can see the original review for Obsession here.

Color: Devotion is a nude pink with slightly yellow undertones.  It’s a color that I think also looks very flattering on me.  However, once again the formula disappointed me.

Applicator: The triangular shaped applicator is definitely one of my favorites, and it made applying easy and quick.  There’s enough product on both sides to get my entire lips without having to dip the wand in for more product.

Application: When I was applying this, I definitely had to add a second layer to build opacity.  Even then, you can see that it’s not fully opaque and my lips show through in odd patches.  It applies feeling sticky and never really dries down or loses the stickiness.

Similar to Obsession, within about 15 minutes the product began to ball up in the corners of my mouth and get gummy.  I removed the balled up product, which left the corners of my mouth completely bare.  I also noticed that it clung to the drier parts of my lip, and it seemed to clump up in that region as well.  The pigment was constantly moving around, leaving my lips more and more patchy as I went on with my day.

After about an hour I decided I needed to take it off, which is a shame.  Unlike many other lip products, I was always conscious of this sitting on my lips, and it was never comfortable.  Again, the formula is much closer to a pigmented gloss or lip lacquer than a liquid lipstick.

I was really hoping to have a better experience with this color, but it ended up being even worse. Once again, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this product due to the high maintenance and constant checkups you’d have to do to make sure it still looked somewhat even.  It’s $9.99 at Ulta, which also isn’t very cheap for a drugstore lip product.

I’m really hoping I can find a nice color dupe, but I don’t wear a lot of pinks, so there isn’t much to choose from in my collection.  Fingers crossed I’ll find a good drugstore option to share with you all soon!

Which color do you prefer: the hot pink (Obsession) or neutral pink (Devotion)?

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