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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color “Obsession” | Review

Hello friends!

Before I get into the review, I’d like to start by saying that it did not go the way I had expected it to.  This was one of the first lip product’s I’d purchased for myself when I got into makeup, and I used to just love wearing it.  I distinctly remember bringing it to work and reapplying throughout the day multiple times.

Color: Obsession is a beautiful hot pink with blue undertones, which is incredibly flattering on my neutral skin tone.

Applicator: In terms of application, I really enjoyed the applicator’s shape.  It has a bit of a triangle shape to it, and the curve fits my lips incredibly well, so I found it very easy to maneuver.  It also smells absolutely incredible, like a sweet fruity candy.  While I absolutely adore the color and scent, the formula was surprising.

Application: It went on looking good, but it isn’t quite opaque enough to cover my lips.  This made it look a little patchy with weird dark spots.  However, after about 15 minutes I noticed that it started balling up on my lips and looking weird and chunky.  This product never truly dries down like you would think, though it does become more matte the longer you have it on because it wears away (as most products do).  It always stays a little bit tacky, but the feeling is definitely most prominent when you first put it on.

Within the first 15 minutes of wearing it, it had already started to gum up in the corners of my mouth and essentially looked super clumpy and gross.  When I wiped the chunky product off, the corners were completely bare.  It was doing the same thing on the inner rim of my lip, where it was getting super gummy and needed to be wiped off.  It had also started clinging to the drier bits of my lips and sinking into lines the tiniest bit, which I believe would have continued to get worse the longer I wore it (the second time I wore it to test, I took it off after I noticed the weird clumping).

Transfer: The formula isn’t transfer proof, so it basically got everywhere.  It’s so strange, too, because it didn’t transfer like a normal lipstick either; it came off in chunks and flakes so you could see these weird balls of product on my fork while eating lunch.  The formula performs more like an opaque lip gloss instead of a liquid lipstick, matte or otherwise.

I wore this a total of two times in order to get a complete picture of what I thought, and sadly I really couldn’t bare wearing it more than that.  It was incredibly uncomfortable and I was always conscious of it sitting on my lips.

I’m so upset that the formula is so bad, because honestly this color is absolutely stunning.  I considered keeping it just for that, but if I don’t like the formula that much, it’s not worth it.

Honestly, I’m disappointed by my conclusion for this, since I remember loving it so much and disagreeing with the people who said the formula was bad.  It was a shock to see how much it had changed in such a negative way.  There is always a possibility that the formula has just gotten old and changed, but I’m not sure I want to go out and buy another just to find that the same issues occur, since I know I’ll never wear it again.

I think I’m going to make it a point to find a dupe of the color since I truly adore it!   But overall, I would not recommend purchasing this product.  It’s not very expensive, but it’s incredibly high maintenance and not comfortable, and there are much better formulas out there for both matte liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, so go with those instead!

Have you ever tried this lipstick before? Do you have a different opinion?

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