Ofra On Holiday Mini Set | IS IT WORTH IT?

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to share another holiday gift set with you all!  I recently watched Jen Luvs Reviews’ Ofra Holiday Collection Video, and was inspired to pick up their “On Holiday” set because of it.

Ofra On Holiday Set in Packaging - A Midwest Belle

First of all, how cute is the packaging it comes in? I know that doesn’t make a difference on product quality, but it always provides a good first impression and overall is a nice touch.  Ofra has recently rebranded their products, so if the white, square look isn’t familiar, that’s why!

The On Holiday set comes with three products, all mini sized: a Rodeo Drive highlighter, and Americano and Tuscany in their liquid lipstick formula.

Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter - A Midwest Belle

The Rodeo Drive highlighter is one of Ofra’s best-known products, due to the high quality shine you get from it.  It’s a light gold with small colored glitters throughout.  To me, the glitters weren’t noticeable at all on the face, just in the pan.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Ofra highlighters were too intense, but I think I disagree!  Unless the formula in this mini is different from the traditional formula (which is possible), I actually thought that this provided a really pretty soft gold glow to the cheeks.  It depends on your preference in highlighter, but this definitely seemed like a buildable product to me.  I used it on the cheeks, inner corner, cupid’s bow, and tip of nose, and it just looked super pretty.

Ofra American Lip Swatch - A Midwest Belle

Americano was definitely my favorite of the two liquid lipsticks in this set!  It’s described on the website as “a dark sienna with a hint of sheen”.  On me it looks like a warm brown with orange hints; I think it’s a super flattering color!

The Ofra liquid lipsticks are a moussey formula that are not transfer proof and don’t fully dry down.  While this means they don’t last all day, they are one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I’ve ever worn.  I’ve had these on for 8+ hours in a day and never felt as though it was drying my lips out, it looked incredibly smooth, and was just overall a very nice lip product.  If you’re willing to sacrifice a little lasting power for comfort, these come highly recommended from me!

Ofra Tuscany Lip Swatch - A Midwest Belle

Tuscany was a little more difficult for me to work with, unfortunately.  I had a harder time with applying it evenly, and it always looks the slightest bit patchy on me.  The color is described as a “muted mauve-red”, but on me it looks a little more pink and pretty deep.  There’s a possibility that the reason I struggled so much with application is because it’s a darker color.

I thought the formula of this one wasn’t quite as good as Americano, but again, since it’s a darker color it’s possible that I could see the wear more on it versus on the other.  It didn’t seem to last quite as long and didn’t wear evenly, leaving me looking very patchy after a meal.  It also sunk into my lines, so I had the strangest looking patchy lips with color in between the lines on the edges.  That being said, if you’re not eating a messy meal, it still holds up well and looks nice.

Monetary breakdown: the highlighter is $14 for 4g of product, compared to the full-size, which is $35 for 10g.  The liquid lipsticks are 2g each, or $6.66 per tube, versus the full size, which is $20 for 6g.  In total, the value for this kit is about $27.32.  While this is greater than the $25 price point, it’s not really a good value. However, you can almost always get a discount on Ofra products; I paid about $20, so it was a better deal than paying full price.

Now, let’s answer the question: is it worth it?


Even though the monetary value doesn’t break down to an awesome deal, the fact that you get to try 3 of Ofra’s products for much cheaper than purchasing a full-size works out to be way worth the price, especially the highlighter!

Have you ever tried an Ofra product? What do you think of them?

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