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Kopari Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant | IS IT WORTH IT?

Hello, friends!

I wanted to share an awesome new product I’ve been using lately that I received for free from Influenster.  It’s the Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant (if you couldn’t tell by the title!).

I’ve been testing this for about a month now, so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how it works, and am excited to share my experience with you!

Kopari Aluminum Free Deodorant_A Midwest Belle.jpg

The deodorant smells like a very soft coconut milk, which basically translates to a slightly sweet smell in the tube and like nothing when applied to your underarms.  If I ever do smell anything, it’s just a slight freshness, but not an overwhelming or strong smell like you’d find in traditional drugstore deodorants.

When applying this deodorant, it glides on incredibly smoothly and feels like you’ve put nothing on.  It’s completely clear, and leaves no marks that I could tell on clothes, which is so important to me considering I wear a ton of black and always leave white stains from traditional deodorants on my shirts.

The one thing that is very important to note when switching to natural deodorants is that you may experience a “detox” period.  This is supposed to last from 2-4 weeks, and is totally normal. However, if you experience painful rashes that don’t ease up or go away, you could be having an allergic reaction and should stop using it. If you’d like to learn more about what the detox period is, check out this link provided by Kopari. (Please remember that the information given in the link is provided by Kopari, and a general google search may be needed to learn more about what to expect as well!)

I experienced a small breakout on each armpit that lasted for about two or three days, and then went away. I haven’t had any other issues since!  I personally never noticed an excess of sweat or stink, but that is generally what they warn you should expect when switching to a product without antiperspirant.

So now we get out of my experience, and into whether it’s worth buying this deodorant over traditional drugstore deodorants!

If you look at it from a technical side, you get 2 ounces of product for $14.  A traditional deodorant from a store like Walmart is 2.6 ounces, and comes from anywhere between $2-$5, depending on the brand and product.  As you can see, there’s a pretty big gap between pricing.  However, it’s important that you consider other factors, such as ingredients, in your decision.

If you fall in love with the deodorant and want to keep purchasing it, you can get 15% off by signing up for their auto-purchase program, which brings the deodorant to $11.90, and you can sign up for 1, 2, or 3 months between purchases at a time.

So finally, we get to answering the question: is it worth it?

Yes if you have the money to spare and are concerned about the ingredients in traditional deodorants.

I know this isn’t necessarily a definitive answer, but there’s always caveats to if something is worth the price!  This is not a product that I think everyone needs to run out and purchase, because $14 is kind of steep compared to $5 for something from Walmart.  However, if you have the ability to spend that kind of money, I would highly suggest it!

Will I repurchase this item?  Probably, but I’m going to use up the deodorants that I already own first.  If I notice any weird change in going between the two, I may have to pass on using my cheaper stuff and just start investing, because I really do enjoy the way this deodorant feels and smells!  Plus, if I can do something small like this to help my body, why wouldn’t I?

If you’re interested in purchasing this product, you can find a direct link to the product on Kopari’s website here.  You can also purchase it at Sephora here.

Have you ever tried using natural deodorant? What was your experience?

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