My 5 Favorite Summer Releases from Lilly Pulitzer

It’s hard to believe that summer is already almost here! Spring is my favorite season, and there just wasn’t enough of it for those of us in the Midwest.

While I’m disappointed in the lack of spring, I’m certainly not upset about the amazing new summer collection that Lilly Pulitzer just came out with!  I decided that in honor of loving all these bright new pieces, I would share my five favorites with you all!

Also, just as a side note, they came out with some new Fourth of July themed items as well, as they are so cute! Unfortunately this post only contains their original summer releases.

Wanderlust Packable Travel Tote in Bennet Blue Bay Dreamin ($138)

travel tote
The bright colors of this pattern draw me in, and they look absolutely perfect for a travel tote!  It would be great to use for a weekend getaway or as a beach bag.

4″ Adie Short in Pink Sunset ($64)

adie short
These shorts are such a gorgeous pink, and the length is comfortable for me!

Zaylee Top in Bennet Blue Bay Dreamin ($98)

I LOVE the cut of this top!  Off the shoulder is so trendy, as well as the lace detail sleeve.

Del Lago Romper in Nauti Navy Boho Bateau ($128)

This romper is so bright and colorful, and the pink tassel details are really cute and cozy looking!

5″ Buttercup Stretch Twill Short in Bennet Blue Bay Dreamin ($68)

twill shorts
The scallop details are so beautiful and fun, plus the bright colors make these a summer staple!

This season, my favorite pattern was definitely the Bennet Blue Bay Dreamin; the electric blue color coupled with various shades of pink really has made me fall in love with it.

There were so many other beautiful pieces in this collection; it truly was difficult to narrow it down to five, but I’m so happy with what I came up with!  Lilly Pulitzer’s iconic patterns and bright colors really are one of a kind.

I hope you have all been inspired to take a peek at what they have to offer!  No matter what, you won’t be disappointed.

What are your favorite pieces from this collection?

My 5 Favorite Summer Releases from Lilly Pulitzer

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